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box-mag_02.gifbox-mag_03.jpgEmpowered with high mental and spiritual energy, these wizards bring destruction and havoc amongst their foes. The books of old tell of these powerful beings, forging the scriptures and magics of their world into their mind and tools to smite foes with the powers from the

Flyff Magician

Magicians have some of the most powerful skills of the first classes. They use elemental magic which, when used correctly, can deal massive damage making killing monsters much faster.

With great powers comes slow casting and low health points and these are probably the greatest drawbacks to a Magician. In order to have these high magic powers, you must allocate most of your ability points into intelligence.

Magicians have 17 skills which are all very powerful. These skills are extremely powerful when opposing elements collide, however. You cannot master every magician skill, so pick wisely.

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Magician Skills

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_Mage_MentalStrike.gif Mental Strike Ranged mental attack. 20
File:Skill_Mage_Blinkpool.gif Blinkpool Allows you to teleport. 20
File:Skill_Mage_FlameBall.gif Flame Ball Strikes at the enemy with a ball of flame. 20
File:Skill_Mage_FlameGeyser.gif Flame Geyser Damages the enemy continuously with a geyser of flame. 20
File:Skill_Mage_FireStrike.gif Fire Strike Damages an enemy with a fire ball. The enemy loses health for a limited time afterwards. 20
File:Skill_Mage_Swordwind.gif Swordwind Ranged, wind attack. 20
File:Skill_Mage_Strongwind.gif Strongwind Ranged, wind attack that moves the enemy. 20
File:Skill_Mage_Wind_Cutter.gif Wind Cutter Ranged, wind attack. 20
File:Skill_Mage_IceMissile.gif Ice Missle Blasts the enemy with a missile of ice. 20
File:Skill_Mage_Waterball.gif Waterball Water attack that damages the enemy multiple times. 20
File:Skill_Mage_WaterWell.gif Water Well Splashes the enemy with a water attack. The enemy takes damage over time. 20
File:Skill_Mage_StaticBall.gif Static Ball Damages the enemy with a ball of static. 20
File:Skill_Mage_LightningRam.gif Lightning Ram Damages the enemy with an electric ball. 20
File:Skill_Mage_LightningShock.gif Lightning Shock Damages the enemy with a small but fast lightning ball. 20
File:Skill_Mage_StoneSpike.gif Stone Spike Damages an enemy with a stone spike with a chance to stun the enemy. 20
File:Skill_Mage_RockCrash.gif Rock Crash Damages the enemy with a giant stone. 20
File:Skill_Mage_Rooting.gif Rooting Halts an enemies movement. 20

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