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box-acro_02.gifbox-acro_03.jpgAwesome dexterity and masters of the yoyo and bow, these Kings and Queens of duels keep their target off in the distance as they quickly drain away their enemies life


Flyff Acrobat

The Acrobat uses two weapons - the Yo-Yo and the bow. Unlike other weapons in the game, the bow uses Dexterity points in order to increase its attacking power. This is a bonus because not only will you get high attack power but your critical rate, attack speed, evasion rate, and block rate will increase as well. The only other stat that you have to worry about when using the bow is Stamina. Intelligence and Strength are not needed for a bow acrobat, which means you can allocate more points to Stamina and/or Dexterity.

Unlike its counterpart, the Yo-Yo user requires that you allocate Strength points to increase your attacking power. While the Yo-Yo does not have as great a range as the bow, there is an added effect to Yo-Yo users: the Yo-Yo will push back monsters, and other players during combat. Levelling is much harder as a Yo-Yo user when compared to a bow user. However, many players will say it is greatly rewarding as you reach higher levels in the game.

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Acrobat Skills

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_Acro_Pulling.gif Pulling You can wrap your yo-yo around an enemy and bring them closer to you. 20
File:Skill_Acro_SlowStep.gif Slow Step Using your yo-yos to strike at an enemy's soft spot, you can slow them down. 20
File:Skill_Acro_YoyoMastery.gif Yo-yo Mastery Getting used to the yo-yos means you can hit harder, causing more damage. 20
File:Skill_Acro_BowMastery.gif Bow Mastery Through training, you can learn how to use the bow to cause more wounds. 20
File:Skill_Acro_DarkIllusion.gif Dark Illusion Creates a cover for yourself, hiding from plain sight for a short time. 20
File:Skill_Acro_FastWalker.gif Fast Walker Allows you to feel lighter on your feet, making you run much faster for a while. 20
File:Skill_Acro_JunkArrow.gif Rapid Shot Shoot four sets of arrows rapidly and hope they hit! 20
File:Skill_Acro_Snitch.gif Snatch Using Dark Illusion, you can hit an enemy from behind and steal some money from them. 20
File:Skill_Acro_Crossline.gif Crossline By firing your yo-yos off in a crossed pattern, you can stun the enemy for a few seconds. 20
File:Skill_Acro_SilentShot.gif Silent Shot A powerful strike that does bonus damage when used while in Dark Illusion. 20
File:Skill_Acro_AimedShot.gif Aimed Shot A slow, yet potentially deadly shot. This skill has a chance to do double damage. 20
File:Skill_Acro_PerfectBlock.gif Perfect Block After several levels of fighting, you can start to predict the enemy's moves and block them more effectively. 20
File:Skill_Acro_Deadly.gif Deadly Swing A yo-yo attack that can cause bleeding wounds, making the enemy take some damage over time. 20
File:Skill_Acro_Counter.gif Counterattack Using your body weight and the force of the enemy's attack, you can strike back and take no damage. This skill has a cooldown. 20
File:Skill_Acro_AutoShot.gif Auto Shot Similar to Junk Arrow, this shoots many arrows quickly, but never misses. The shots can cause blindness if you're lucky. 20
File:Skill_Acro_ArrowRain.gif Arrow Rain By shooting arrows into the sky, you are able to damage opponents in a small area. This skill has a cooldown. 20

Deciding To Use Bows or Yo-yos

Acrobats can use a yo-yo or a bow. However you can not be both effectively. You must choose between a bow user or a yo-yo user because both weapons use different attributes to increase your attack power. A bow acrobat uses Dexterity to increase their attack power while a yo-yo acrobat uses Strength.

Yo-yo Acrobats have a fairly hard time leveling because of knock backs and lower accuracy. However if you keep with it and do not give up you can become the powerful Jester. On the other hand, if you become a bow user you will find that using skills such as Junk Arrow can be very powerful and a fast way to kill monsters. Bow users will usually become Rangers. They will rely on their skills to level and become masters of the area of effect skills that they train with.

For more information regarding the Pros and Cons of various Acrobat Builds, read the forum post, YJ vs BJ vs Ranger.

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