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China Flyff

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China Flyff

Chinese Flyff is operated by Netease. Netease has a special license with Gala. They can modify the game in ways that other regions can not. Flyff China is radically different to normal Flyff. Interface, game play, graphics, and continents in China Flyff are unique to it.


Chinese Flyff Interface

Main User Interface


Status Window | Game Status | Map | Quest Tracker | Chat Window | System Message | Event Alerts | Hotkeys | Common Windows | Menu | Quick Bar | Cash Shop
Status Window
File:Cflyff character status.jpg

Portrait: Portrait becomes dark when hp is critically low

Pet Portrait: When clicked, brings up the Pet Information window

Game Status

Icons indicate various game statuses, and can be moused over for more detailed information. From left to right, they are: Frames Per Second: Green indicates good fps, Yellow poor fps, and Red terrible fps.
Ping: Green indicates good ping, Yellow poor ping, and Red terrible ping.
Game Time: Icon indicates nothing; it must be moused over for information.
Time of Day


Map Settings: Opens the menu that controls which markers are shown on the mini map. The map settings menu options, from top to bottom, are: NPCs, Quest NPCs, Aggressive Monsters, Passive Monsters, Other Players.

Wayfinder: Entering map coordinates into the X and Y input fields, then pressing the GO button, will set your character on an automatic route to those coordinates. The wayfinder section can be minimized by pressing the triangle button right of the go button.

Exp Modifier Controls: Should you have any experience modifiers available, you can start or stop them from the window accessed from this button. Stopping an experience modifier will deduct a small fraction from its remaining time.

Hide Other PCs:This button toggles on and off other player's characters and their pets. Hotkey F11.

Quest Tracker

Displays information about the current steps of active quests.

Chat Window
System Messages

System messages, such as experience gain and pet status, and Shouts are displayed here. Can be minimized by clicking the Minus button.

Event Alerts

Round flashing buttons appear here containing information concerning current events. Depending on the event, clicking the button may give you experience points, an option to teleport to the event location, a chance at free items, an announcement image, among other things.


Assignable hotkeys. Skills, Actions, Consumables, Equipment, and Text Macros can be assigned to the keys 1-0 or F1-F10 here. The hotkeys can be set to 1-0 or F1-F10 in the Game Options menu, or the two can be toggled between using the green button on the bottom left of the hotkey bar. There are four hotkey sets. The active hotkey set is indicated on the right side of the hotkeys. To change between hotkey sets, the arrows above and below the hotkey set indicator are used.

Common Windows

From left to right the common windows are:

Character Information: When flashing, character has undistributed stat points. Hotkey C
Skills When flashing, character has skills ready to level up. Hotkey V
Inventory Hotkey B
Quest Log Hotkey L
Friend List Hotkey E
Social Relations Hotkey P
Search Hotkey R
Actions Hotkey O
Menu See below

From top to bottom, the menu options are:

Logout Logging out has a 10 second wait time
Close Game Closing the game has a 10 second wait time
Game Options
Close Menu Menu may also be closed by clicking the Menu icon again.

Quick Bar

Skills, Actions, Consumables, Equipment, and Text Macros can be placed in these slots for quick access. Items in the quick bar slot must be clicked to activate. The amount of quick bar slots vary on game window size.

Cash Shop

Opens the cash shop window. A section in the cash shop allows your character to try on all available fashion items.

Popup User Interface Windows

Game Options | Character | Skills | Inventory | Quest Log | Friend List | Social Relations | Search | Actions
Game Options
File:Cflyff game options.jpg
Game Settings Tab

Section 1
Button 1: Windowed Mode
Button 2: Full Screen
Section 2
Button 1: Regular Resolution Selections
Button 2: Widescreen Resolution Selections
Drop-down: Resolution Selection
Section 3
Dropdown options: High, Medium, Low
Drop down 1:Terrain Detail
Drop down 2:Object Range Detail
Drop down 3:SFX Quality
Drop down 4:Texture Quality; applied on game restart
Drop down 5:Anti-aliasing
Section 4
Option 1: Sound Effects
Option 2: Music
Bottom Buttons
These buttons auto select all of the options in Tab 1 accordingly.
Button 1: Low Quality
Button 2: Medium Quality
Button 3: High Quality

Function Tab

Section 1
Section 2
Button 1: Enable camera control using the right mouse button
Button 2: Disables camera control using the right mouse button
Section 3
Checkbox 1: Fixes camera to face the direction you are flying when controlling flight using the mouse
Checkbox 2: Tilts camera during turns while flying
Section 4
Slider: Camera control speed

Visibility Tab

Check the boxes to hide options
Section 1
Checkbox 1: Other PCs
Checkbox 2: Other PCs' Names, Titles, Guilds
Checkbox 3: Unclickable
Checkbox 4:
Checkbox 5: Other PCs' Countries
Section 2
Checkbox 1: Monster Names
Checkbox 2: Monsters
Checkbox 1: Pets
Section 3
All options are unclickable
Section 4
Checkbox 1: Enables Interface Transparency
Bottom Buttons
These buttons auto select all of the options in Tab 3 accordingly.
Button 1: All Hidden
Button 2: Some Hidden
Button 3: Nothing Hidden

Hotkey Tab

Section 1
Button 1: Sets assignable hotkeys to F1 - F10
Button 2: Sets assignable hotkeys to 1 - 0

Skills - Hotkey V

The top tab contains Combat Skills, the bottom tab contains Life Skills.

Combat Skill Tab
File:Cflyff combat skill tab.jpg

1: Cast Time; Symbol in image means "without"
2: Cool Down
3: Casting Cost
4: Range
5: Skill Description

Active Skill: Active skills must be cast to take effect.
Passive Skill: Passive skills give a permanent boost to your character and cannot be cast.
Hint: If you don't have Chinese text enabled, check what combination of gibberish letters is more common in the active/passive text area and that will be the one that means "Active".

Life Skill Tab

The left side of the life skills tab contains a list of your characters life skills. The right side of the tab contains a description of the selected life skill.

Life skills are often used during quests or events. When a life skill is required, a round icon will appear on the screen that can be clicked on to activate the skill.

Chinese Flyff Gameplay

Chinese Flyff Video Gallery

Chinese Flyff Gallery

Useful Links

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Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

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