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Category:Flyff Players

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Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

This is an open database of all flyff players. This database is maintain by members and the list is automatically generated. To be included in this list you have to follow certain rules and guidelines.

Create Your Own Player Page

You are allowed to create your player page in our wiki system. To create a page simply put your player name in the url. For example

Player Page Guidelines

  • Page URL Should Always Contain Player Name and Server (This is to avoid Confusion)
  • Player Pages Should Be Informational
    • Player Information, History, Etc
    • Player Stats
      • Can use Exact Stats or 1xx, 1x, 5x, etc.
    • Player Equipments
      • Link Equipments To Wiki Pages If You Can

No additional Information is needed or allowed.

Code To Use As Template

Copy and paste the code below into your wiki page. We follow a strict standard about the page template. If you do not follow our guidelines you're page will be deleted. We will be using Tekken Of Mushpoie page as an example.

== Tekken ==
Tekken is a level 114 Ranger of Mushpoie.  Tekken was created on June 16th 2006.  Tekken is male character.  He is currently holds the most points by a Ranger in Siege in all of Mushpoie Server. At one point in time, Tekken held the most points in all of Eflyff servers.  He came in 2nd place twice in Guild Siege.

== Tekken's Stats Build ==
{| id="hor-minimalist-b" width="90%"
! Dexterity
! Intelligence
! Stamina
! Strength
|| 15
|| 15
|| 15
|| 15

== Tekken's Equipment ==
* [[Ranerz and Raze Set|Ranerz Set]]
* [[Legendary Golden Bow]]
* [[Arek Ring|2x Arek Ring]]
* [[Intelli Ring|2x Intelli Ring]]
* [[Spy Set]]

Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

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