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Catacombs of Anguish

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Catacombs of Anguish

Deep into the rotting Valley of the Risen, a proud and foreboding doorway has been be found. Towering high among the insurmountable valley walls, these doors were created for the use of creatures much larger than human. An overwhelming force holds them fast shut, though the sheer weight of them would be enough to frustrate most attempts to open them.

Those with strength like unto the Heroes of old may enter. Here an evil more ancient than even the abominations roaming the valley outside is waiting. Waiting, for years uncounted, malice festering and power ever growing...

Dungeon Overview

  • Objective: Destroy the five Idols to summon (Deathbringer) Kheldor; Defeat Kheldor
  • Level Requirement: 121 HERO
  • Party Dungeon - You must be in a party to enter. Your party is not teleported into the the dungeon with you; you may enter alone. If you leave your party while in the dungeon, you will be booted from the instance.
  • Instanced Dungeon - When you enter, a new "instance" of the dungeon is created for you. You will only find yourself and your party members inside; no one outside of your party can enter the same instance as you
  • 6 Hour lock-out - Once you enter, you cannot reenter for 6 Hours
  • No Transies can be used
  • All monsters (excluding Idols, which do not attack) are aggressive

Dungeon Entrance

File:CatacombEntrance.jpg File:CatacombEntranceMap.jpg

The Entrance to the Catacombs of Anguish is located in the Valley of the Risen.

Masquerpets in The Catacombs of Anguish:

Monster Locations
lvl 125Blighted GryphonIdol of the Blighted Gryphon
lvl 126Scythe ProtectorIdol of the Scythe Protector
lvl 127Vile FlayerIdol of the Vile Flayer
lvl 128Fallen NecromancerIdol of the Fallen Necromancer
lvl 129Forsaken BansheeIdol of the Forsaken Banshee
lvl 135 (Deathbringer) Kheldor

(Deathbringer) Kheldor Unique Drops

Level 125 HERO Armor Set Pieces

Jester's Curio and Curena Set
Ranger's Hainure and Hanira Set
Billposter's Roenier and Roelayne Set
Ringmaster's Riene and Rayne Set
Elementor's Lipinn and Lypine Set
Psykeeper's Reffiro and Rephira Set
Blade's Heraud and Herainn Set
Knight's Bileire and Bilari Set

Catacombs of Anguish Boxes

Box Locations

The five boxes on the first floor may contain Mystical Bead Boxes.

The two boxes on the second floor may contain Mystical Accessory Boxes.

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