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Basics:Create A Flyff Account

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Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

Register an Account

Creating an account is the first step to playing Flyff.

Click here to register

The page above will redirect you to the registration form. Once you have created your account and have it registered, you can download the game! It is advisable to choose a username that is simple enough to remember, but not easily guessable. Assigning a strong password will also help. Adding capitalized characters as well as using symbols will help strengthen your password and ensure your protection.

An example of a strong password would be: KingsPin#42.

Download the Latest Patches

After you have installed the game, a desktop icon should appear. Click this icon to execute the program which will bring the game patcher up. The window will download updates and patches automatically for you. A window will also show the latest news and announcements. Be sure to keep an eye on this for new events that the Game Moderators may begin and other helpful news!

The Options button allows you to modify some game options and settings, such as your screen resolution and the quality of the image in your game.

Configuring Your Settings

Clicking on the Option button will let you change your Screen Resolution, Range of Sight, Texture Quality, Shadow, and Degree of Object Expression.
These options should be set according to your computer's specifications. In other words, if your computer cannot handle high quality graphics, it is suggested to use lower qualities, so that it may run smoother and allow for better gameplay. This will reduce lag time and ensure that you will not have to worry about your screen freezing during an important battle!

Additional options are available through the in-game options menu that are not available here. Be sure to set these to your liking upon first log-in.

Logging In


After executing the game by pressing Start, a screen will prompt you for your username and password. This is where your newly created account information will go. Enter them into the proper areas and press the <Enter> key or click Login to move on towards your Server Selection. If you input an incorrect password more than once, you will have to wait 15 seconds before trying to log in again. Be sure to either memorize your password well, or write it down and keep it somewhere safe so this does not happen.

Cluster/Server Selection


This page shows the available clusters and servers (channels). Select the cluster (on the left side of the window) and the channel (on the right side of the window) and click Next to proceed to your character page. (Normal) signifies regular channel status, meaning it is running smoothly and there is a medium amount of character activity. (Busy) signifies heavy traffic, and there are a lot of players online. (Full) channels are at maximum capacity and cannot be logged into due to a full capacity of characters.

Demian has (PK) written next to its name, indicating that it is a Player Killing server. This means that any player can attack any player at any time in the server. However, players cannot PK inside cities and Vagrants.

There is a maximum of three characters per account per cluster.

Creating a Character


This next page will be the final page before logging into the world of Roika. There will be three empty boxes, which will house created characters for your account. Select an empty box and click on Create button. A new screen will appear which allows you to select your new character's name, gender, hair style and face. Customize the character however you desire, and click OK to create the new character. Upon creating your character, you can now log into the world of Roika!

Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

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