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Cash Shop Set Viewer

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Cash Shop Set Viewer
Added: 25 Nov 2009 Created By: Reiko
Description: A tool which lets you see a preview of how a combination of cash shop clothes will look on your character.

Full Preview

What is it?

It is a stand-alone executable program, used for viewing the cash shop clothes and equipment sets in Flyff.

You can mix and match parts as you want, allowing you to see how a combination of clothes would look together before you decide to buy it. No more need to buy and be dissatisfied, or to ask your friends or some Flyff forum members to loan you parts or show you screenshots to see how they look.

Spend your money on the set you want, and the one you think looks good for you, and be happy.

Version History (Version 2: rev. 1016, 1-Dec-2011)

Revision 1016 (1st December 2011)
- Added 'Hovering Model Shows Details' option to Options menu. I will go into a little bit of detail about this one.

When this is enabled, you can hover your mouse over a model (eg. a cloak) and it'll tell you the in-game description, the stats, and the model and texture filenames for it. Basically this should answer the threads on the official forums that I've seen recently asking "There's a new item added to the game according to the CS viewer, anyone know the stats?" and such.

This option is turned on by default, but can be turned off under Options, and the state of the setting will be saved to the config.ini file so that the setting will be retained the next time you open the program. The stats box will also not appear in screenshots, so it won't get in your way. If for some reason you want to save a screenshot of the stats box, you can just press alt+print screen, and then open Paint, press ctrl+v to paste and then save the image.

Just as a warning, some stats may be displayed wrong, or to be more specific, some may display as a % bonus when they should actually be a flat bonus. I wasn't 100% sure for every stat which ones were flat and which were a percentage, but they should be mostly right I think. If I got any wrong just let me know and I'll correct it. Apologies in advance for any mistakes.

Overall I'm happy with this feature, it was a bit complicated to implement and I also had to work around some bugs with the Irrlicht graphics engine, but it sets me up for something else that's interesting, which I will probably be adding in the next version.

- Added 'Set Camera Position' option to Options menu. Basically this allows you to set a specific camera position, in case you want to take all your screenshots from the same camera angle or whatever. The same min/max zoom limits, that are dependent on the size of the model, still apply as before.

- Fixed Item -> Upgrade -> Ultimate items not being show in the list of items to choose from.

- Fixed Item -> Upgrade -> Random Stat Scroll items not being shown in the list of items to choose from.

- Fixed a bug where the edit boxes in the 'Set Background Color' window, which contain the number values of the currently selected colour, couldn't be focused or changed.

- Fixed a crash that could occur when pressing 'Reload Flyff Resources' from the file menu, which was a bug that arose from changes made in the previous version.

Revision 964 (7th November 2011)
- When viewing models of monsters, a bunch of stats for the monster will be shown at the right. I will probably tweak this a bit in the future. The program has actually kept track of stats for everything since I rewrote it as 'version 2', which also includes the item stats as well, it's just that none of it was actually displayed to the user before. Item stats still aren't displayed (only monster stats, as I said) - those will be shown sometime between now and whenever.

- Added 'Hide/Show Interface' and 'Reset Camera' buttons to the bottom left corner. These were drawn by Wani (who also drew the buttons that were there already). Also adjusted the alignment and spacing between the buttons so that their positions are more even.

- Bow weapons now attach to the character's left hand (was previously erroneously shown in the right hand).

- When loading textures, if the texture file doesn't exist for the current texture quality setting, the program will now check if a lower quality texture exists, and if so, it will use that instead (this fixes a bug with the male Mizu Yukata 2011 suit).

- In the Help -> How To Use window, added info about using the mouse wheel and page up/page down keys to zoom, and pressing F9 to reset the camera to the default position.

- Fixed a bug that could occur where the previously saved Flyff folder and program settings wouldn't be loaded or saved correctly when running the program while the executable is located on a different computer on the network than the one you are running it from.

- In the Settings window, removed a dark line that was being drawn above the blue area showing which 'tab'/section was currently selected.

- Updated internal version of the Irrlicht graphics engine. I don't see a visible difference in anything that this program does, but perhaps there were some fixes that might've helped some users, so I decided to update it anyway.

- Made several fixes/cleanups here and there to the program code, which aren't really important or worth mentioning.

- I have an idea for a solution to a bug which occurs when viewing the really large boss monsters from far away, where the texture goes a bit weird as you rotate it, but I don't have time today to test whether it's the best solution and to actually code it, so that'll be done some other time.

Installation Instructions

- Download the program by clicking on the big red button at the bottom of this page. Save it to somewhere on your hard drive.

- Open the downloaded file, and it will ask for a folder in which you want to extract the program to. You can choose any folder that you will know where it is - it does not need to be put into your Flyff game folder.

- Go to the directory where you extracted the program, and open "csview.exe" to use it.

For further info please see the readme file, which can be found in the folder which you extracted the program to.


If you have any comments, feedback, suggestions, bugs and so on, you can post a reply to this thread:


If you would prefer to send your message privately, rather than on the public forum, you can also send a PM to ItsReiko directly.

If you don't want to register for the forum, you can also contact me by email. My email address is in the readme.txt included with the program.

YouTube Video Demonstration

You can see the program in action in the following YouTube video.

Non-English Versions

Official location of the French version is the Flyffworld.fr forums (that site is not related to this one):

Official location of the Russian version is the Flyffgame.ru forums:

The download link at the bottom of this page (the red button) contains all of English, French and Russian in one.

Old Version

If for some reason your computer has issues with version 2 of the program, but the old one worked fine for you, you can download version 1 here:

English rev.259
French rev.236
Russian rev.253

Note that the old version uses a hardcoded list of items, and therefore will not contain items added to Flyff after this old version was made.

The download below (the red button) is for the newest version, and contains all of English, French and Russian in one.


Download Cash Shop Set Viewer
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