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BASICSCreating An Account
The first thing you have to do before you even start to play FlyFF is create an account.

Click Here To Register

Register an account there. Fill out the form. Once you have activated your account, downloaded and installed the game, load up the game. Please choose a username is easy to remember, but also hard for someone to guess. Your password should not be something easy to hack.
After the program loads you're come to a window. The window will download any updates and patches to the game. You'll also get the latest official updates about what events are happening, new items, and many other news.

The window also contains an options button.
Clicking on the Option button will let you change your Screen Resolution, Range Of Sight, Texture Quality, Shadow, and Degree Of Object Expression. We reccommend that you set the options based on your CPU speed and Memory size.

If you have a slow computer, don't set everything to low and vice versa for higher powered computers. Your screen resolution is important. If you have a lower resolution, don't set it to something higher. If you set it higher, your in-game menus may be off on the side where you can't reach it. Click on "Ok" to approve the settings.
Next you'll come to a screen that will ask you for your username And password. Be sure not to tell anyone your password or username.
Your next screen will bring you up to the server list. There are a number of server clusters to choose from, each named after a monster in the game. Some have more people than others, but most have enough for you to make friends easily.

Each server cluster will contain four servers. The fourth server is the PK (Player Killing) server, where killing other players is allowed.

You are only allowed to have three characters per server cluster.
After picking a server, you'll come to a screen with three empty boxes. These boxes will house your three playable characters for that server cluster. Click on one of the boxes and choose "Create". The next screen will come up and ask you for your character name as well sex, hair style, hair color, and face. After creating your character you are ready to play.
Random Tips And Tricks:
Press Ctrl + F to display your Frames Per Second on the Flyff Window.
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