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Everyone needs a little help here and there. Here at we collected and written valuable data for you which will help you learn more about the game as well as leveling to your hearts content.

We try to precise as possible however if we have any wrong information please report it to us here. Your support and help is not only greatly appreciated by us but by the thousands of users that use this site everyday!

Have your own guide which you wish to submit? Then check out the forums which we have set up a guide submission service. You write your guide the way you want and then your guide will be critque. Once it has been critique we will approve it and your guide will be read by hundreds and thousands of people. Help us help those who are new to the game or who want to master it completely.
Random Tips:
If you're stuck somewhere in the terrain and can't get out by any means, you can use the Teleport To Town emote in your actions window (Letter O) to go to the nearest town. It takes five minutes to cast but it works no matter if you're sitting or flying, unlike blinkwings which only work when standing.
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