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IGN: MysticalPing, MysticalLee, MysticalLynx, THEGREATESTEVER, PING
Name: Thomas
Age: 20

I started playing Flyff because I was tired of GuildWars and I was looking for another game to play with Kristen. I came across an ad for Flyff on the side of some game page and decided to check it out. I then decided to try it out and that's where I am today :D I have been playing for almost a year now!

Other than playing Flyff I do video editing for my own projects as well as projects I do with friends. I am taking digital media classes in college so occasionally I get video projects that I work on there as well. I work at a very nice movie theatre called Warren Theatres. It's very different from your typical movie theatre. I am a staff instructor over there, which means I am usually incharge of one of three things; the box office, the concessions stand, or the floor crew. When I'm not working, I'm usually playing Flyff, hanging out with Kristen, playing another game, doing homework, or sleeping :D I've only got one more year of college and then it's onto bigger things! I plan to get some kind of video editing, animation, or some job related to that field.

One thing that annoys me the most about when we film Flyff videos is when a shot gets ruined because of TGE yawning! I swear, TGE yawns like 4 times in 10secs, often ruinging a shot because it looks ridiculous! In some scenes you can notice TGE yawning :(
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