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Default 06-11-2006, 02:04 AM
Well, I know there's the "autoprice" option, but it doesn't say much for rare, sets, cards and PD's.

I've only been playing for two and a half weeks now, and I know knowledge comes in time, but could anyone make a price list some time of the rares, sets and everything that autoprice doesn't really cover.

I know some veterens may think "oh no! now the noobs will know the price and we can't trick them! <_< ", but that will also help regulate trade and you won't be seeing someone with the rare stuff you want selling it for twice the price because he doesn't know it's not the correct one.

I also realize that prices may vary alot between sellers and buyers, there's always this one buyer who's desperate and would pay more and vice versa...but the usual prices...

Think of it as another guide, like quests...

And if there's already a price list up, where can I find it?

P.S- If I'm already posting about prices, I've been hearing conflicting opinions about elemental axe(+3 str +atk rate) and saint guarder stick(+3 int and something else) that I can anyone tell me the prices?
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Default 06-11-2006, 09:28 AM
Well, it would first be helpful to say if you were on Aibatt or Lagwolf. The economies are very different, as Lagwolf has the most FUCKED UP economy ever. :]

Edit: also moving this to appraisals lollolo!?/1
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Default 06-11-2006, 11:23 AM
Price lists in mmorpgs are rare, because of how prices inflate and (unfortunately, rarely xD) deflate with supply in demand in games. I know that PDs and some green items have raised by about 30-50% each from when I first started playing on Aibatt a couple months ago. Keeping, and updating, a list of prices of all rare items (and there's a lot), especially within the iffy ranges of elements and +'s, would end up being a full time job I don't think anyone's up to...

And for the record - autoprice covers -nothing-, even the non-sets/rares. Rares and sets are often sold for many times higher than AP, while non-rares (particularly in darkon) sell for 50% AP for some, and more than AP for others (BP stuff, male knight, etc..)

Just look around at other shops, see what other people sell for, and decide whether you want to match their price or go lower in hopes of selling your items first. ^^ Just do whatever would give you the most satisfying price. =)

Though, about those two items in specifically... On Aibatt's server, -last I saw- (make sure to check for yourself, they could have inflated or deflated since then), Ele Axe sold for 2.5-3 million, 3 million usually being already +'d and elemented. 2 million or less rarely, and those use to sell very quickly. Saint Guarder Stick is a bit harder to find, but sells for less. Because most FS assists are too busy saving for Flury/Wedge and Stick of Roritoren. The few that I have seen being sold were around 1.5 million. I'm not so sure on how that price fluctuates on that one though.
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Default 06-12-2006, 05:48 AM
Thanks, and I'm on Aibat.

It seems that Flyff indeed has too many rares and variations to keep in check...

I'm not so sure what you meant by "already +'d and elemented". I just got the ele axe from some rockmuscles and haven't done anything to it. The same goes for the stick.

I think ele axe deflated alot since no one told me above 1.2 mil(and I saw it several tims for about 550k in shops), and the stick I heard about 1-1.2 mil. Maybe I should ask arround Darkon where the higher levels are and not in Saintmorning?
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Default 06-12-2006, 07:33 AM
when we say +d we mean that we have upgraded the equipment by using pd4
u double click on the pd4--->then on the item and u ll see that it will write for example element axe +1 and it will deal more dmg than before
when we say elemented we mean that we put an element card on the weapon or suit that we have
double click on a lvl2 card then on the weapon and now u ll see it writes for example element axe fire +1
so a +d item costs more than a clean item cause a pd4 costs more than 100k
a lvl 2 card costs around 50k
and all these of course if the item is up to +3
for +4 u need an spro too so count 1m per + if more than +3
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Default 06-12-2006, 07:57 AM
Well, for one I would think a Price List would be handy for us Nooblets. But then again, who would take the time to make one, right? o.O
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Default 06-15-2010, 02:51 AM
It's true, to keep an up to date list of prices in flyff would be nearly impossible or require a massive team to keep track of. The best way to figure out what price to buy or sell something is to go to private shops of others and just see what they sell for. Another thing that couldnt hurt to do is just ask around. I do it my own kinda way though. I have a list of people I wrote down and I keep go to them for items. Moonstones and sunstones I get at a lower price (I have to buy in bulk though) and I make a pretty good profit from it. I also have a list of people who buy certain things nearly all the time. My whole bank is filled with bulk items of things to sell to those people. So just keep track of who is buying, ask them if they buy it often and if they do ask if you could sell to them the next time you have some of that item.
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