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Aibat Leader
Default 01-18-2006, 10:31 PM

Assists buff, thats mainly what they do.

Assists can either go Battle, which builds include pvp, 1v1, aoe or all of the above
or Assists can go Suppport, the leeching helper (via buffing).

Buffing is to strengthen.
you can buff urself by pressing "esc" and performing that buff
or buff another person by clicking the person so they are selected.

Assist Job Change Guide & Skills Guide

At lvl 60 you get to change jobs.
There is Ringmaster(buff master) or Billposter(battle "master")

Ringmasters get another round of Buffs.
Billposters get some attack skills which most find useless except aoe attacks, and magical ones(with magical attack power, this is where you need int),
magical attacks being for melee pvp.

All buffs use mp, which is increased by INT,
Battle skills use fp, which is increased by STA.

Buffs last a certain amount of time which of course, increased by INT.
Battle skills hit 100%, what? yes.....its evil.
Skills though take animation time, something i never hear someone say.

Billposter bound

Billposter Skills

Battle assist to Billposter
Base stats, what most builds have the least of at lvl 60
30-40 STR
30-40 STA
15-30 DEX
15-20 INT

What stats a beginning battle assist should put in
(lvl 15) points are 28
15+5=20 STR
15+10=25 STA
15+10=25 DEX
you have 4 points left over
put them in DEX if you want a DEX build (STA=25) (dex=29;or make it 30)
or stick 5 points into STR and 9 into STA for a battle skill user (sta=34)(dex=15)
at this lvl you have to still use vag battle skills, till lvl 20
Which is easier? i only can guess DEX
you hit faster, and vag skills take pxp and fp which need to be replenished
getting to an assist, (a monk in ro) it should be bit difficult in the beginning stages, once you get buffs, you should get stronger
but they use up pxp and mp as well


You add INT very later in the game
they upgrade magical attack power of the Magical Billposter attack skills
and you might need some magical defence where i assume INT adds
this is only advised for the STR/STA or STA Billposter Build

The Paths
there are 118 points at lvl 60
but you can't change them afterbecoming the Assist
so one starts making their stats out at lvl 15
btw i haven't used my math skills in the stats(will do l8er as well)

STR based billposter bound
made to kill things fast,
they add either STA to spam skills(use battle skills)
or dex to get in faster attack and accuracy
this build needs everyhit to count
crits would be strong with dex
weak in taking damage
one would know these spam food a ton?
("chorus" plug earrings add the NUMBER 60 TO DEF, EVERYONE IS ABLE TO GET A PAIR FROM A QUEST)

STR stat at lvl 60 (60-80)
STA stat (30-40)
DEX stat (40-50) (it'll need to be high to go STR/DEX)

math stats(i'll use exact numbers)
lv 60=118 points
15 + 65 = 80 STR
15 + (38 or 20) = (53 or 35) STA
15 + (0 or 18) = (15 or 33) DEX
oh damn it i'm confused in the STR build
in STR/DEX you might sacrifice 10 STR points and 5 STA points into DEX to make that build more effective (70 STR, 30 STA, 48 DEX)
oye confusing?

STA based Billposter bound
the "aoe build"
tanks(takes damage very well)
and depends on the assists battle skills
mainly the area attacking skill (aoe) burst crack
where you "herd mobs" into a trap killing millions o_0
just a good amount consisting of 4-7
they have a good ton of STA and Strong STR
uses food every so mob critical
go here to fight gaints 1337

STA stat at lvl 60 (70-100)
no DEX for pure battle skill user
30 STR is that round amount
(yeah i did say 40 STR)

lv 60=118 points
15 + 15 = 30 STR
15 + 103 = 118 STA
15 + 0 = 15 DEX
i always felt people might kill slowly with only 30 STR,
i still want to say 40, but for number reasons
go 35 STR if training is that long

DEX based Billposter bound
build for those who like speed and killing fast
they do not take damage well due to low STA
but Critical hits do save them from some of them (knockback)
known to spam food with mobs with high STA or STR

DEX stat at lvl 60 (60-80)
STA stat (40-50)(i bet people will recommend lower)
"30 STR is that round amount"
(yeah i did say 40 STR)

lv 60=118 points
15 + 15 = 30 STR
15 + 25 = 40 STA
15 + 78 = 93 DEX
if you want utter uber speed minus 4 points from STA and 3 from STR
to get uber 100 DEX o_0 (27 STR, 36 STA, 100 DEX)
supposed lvling should be easier on job change, its always up to you
the first (or second) speed line is supposed 80 DEX, which, makes things a bit easier (20 points)

("chorus" plug earrings add the NUMBER 60 TO DEF, EVERYONE IS ABLE TO GET A PAIR FROM A QUEST)

Balanced based Billposter bound
qoute, "Jack of all Trades"
does everything, not the best at anything
a simple build, just on the verge of falling off the cliff
STA, DEX, STR would be even
where one might find themselves at 30 each
some would have STA about 5 points higher than DEX and DEX about 5 points higher than STR, due to the fact in flyff melee combat, you need to take damage
and to do that you need STA

lvl 60=118 points
15 + 35 = 55 STA
15 + 45 = 60 DEX
15 + 38 = 53 STR
this is best to what my mind capacity can think of
tanks, does the damage, misses 1/4 of the time

("chorus" plug earrings add the NUMBER 60 TO DEF, EVERYONE IS ABLE TO GET A PAIR FROM A QUEST)

Hybrid Build
Base stats(no certain lvl)
these both switch between aoe and 1v1
they go 30 STR and DEX
Rest in STA
this is just better than balanced build
people don't like to spam the 1v1 attack skill tamping hole for some reason i guess, pxp reasons, attack power, speed
you can take damage
you miss some ton
35 DEX would somewhat fix it (1/2 of all attacks about)
you do the math, its easy, 118-30= STA+15

Important Crap


pvp builds
plaver versus player
in pvp, people don't dodge, and they hurt like mobs 7 lvls higher
you do the same
high STR
high STA
max 30 DEX
you'll kill all most everyone about
mages , mages would just kill you

Ringmaster bound
very straight foward, the assist get all their main buffs before lvl 60

Ringmaster Skills

Detailed Ringmaster Skills

mainly their Stat is INT

the supporter should buff themselves with mental sign, heap up and quick step
INT (mp, buff time) STA (hp, defense) walking speed

INT makes Heal stronger, Heal heals more hp points supposed thats the only other thing it can do

which buffs do the classes need

mental sign, heap up, quick step for mages
battle buffs for the melee class(cannon ball, accuracy, haste being only for dex)
mental sign, cannon ball, accuracy, haste, quickstep, for archers

The Straight Build
go add 2 points into STA in the begining
and the rest into INT
you add STA very slowly

30-40 STA
rest in INT
they follow people around
and buff them
circle healing affects a whole party
and the universal normal "heal"
Heap up adds 2 STA points every lvl, the main buff for the assist
since they on ground, they can be killled by aggros, that there is why they need STA

Full Support Build
the supporter can go pure INT
suspect though you might die a bit more times

("chorus" plug earrings add the NUMBER 60 TO DEF, EVERYONE IS ABLE TO GET A PAIR FROM A QUEST)

here, you get just abit more int
meaning more mp
better heal/circle heal
buffs casted last longer
by a ***
people hate the word bit?

Battle Ringmaster
there are Battle Ringmasters
which are (can't find a word)
buffs are what makes them able to survive
stats are differed from a battle assist
and the supporter (am i right?)
they are callled the 3rd class of the assist, well let us all call them that
i guess make ur build a bit more defensive
that all i know...

<span style="color:green">incompleted since i gotta go off
or just yeah...

feel free to comment, i'll have to edit anyways =P
sticking stuff about skills l8er
also numbers to add every 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 lvls
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Aibat Leader
Default 01-21-2006, 10:24 AM
what, am i gonna continue doing this or what?.....

EDIT: this is what i'll do

i'll do whatever
major tweaking
heavy mass load of diamond hard lines
make this more hard headed friendly
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Yes No
Default 01-21-2006, 12:18 PM
Nice! This helped my assist a lot. :P
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Aibat Leader
Default 01-21-2006, 12:29 PM
Originally posted by Fewzion@Jan 21 2006, 08:18 PM
Nice! This helped my assist a lot.* :P
Well i've been a bit vauge on stats.
Thanks for the comment.

I'll add numbers and...sentences. *shudders*
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Yes No
Default 01-24-2006, 12:13 AM
I was looking for something to tell me where to put the stats for a RM build. This helped quite a bit, now I know the general deriction I should go with my stats. Thanks.
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Aibat Leader
Default 01-24-2006, 02:02 AM
well i kept thinking 30 STA is still too much for a Ringmaster
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Yes No
Default 01-24-2006, 02:14 AM
I'd have 40 Sta at least as a FS RM, since aggro's really hurt starting at fishies(especially at the mines when you're 70 and partying with someone fighting there).
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Screen ReviewerJedi MasterMovie Guru
Default 01-25-2006, 12:35 PM
Yeah this has been really helpful for me. I will work Dom's sta up to lvl 40. I've been lvling his buffs pretty good. I pretty much buff whoever especially my party members.
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Aibat Leader
Default 01-25-2006, 05:11 PM
somehow wavemaster deleted his post i don't know the second job skills, i'm looking for that, i'll need to include them sometime, since they are quite important

he said something about a Ringmaster aoe which is INT based
gotten at lvl 80, which should be like a mage's 2nd class aoe
which one might find weird, assisting their whole carreer...
if the party needs an aoer, the RM might fill in that hole

EDIT-just gonna add links to skill info
edit to guide
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Yes No
Default 01-26-2006, 12:32 AM
Look no further. >_>

Assist Skills

Billposter Skills

Ringmaster Skills

Geez why do people always forget us Flyffworld have our very own guide on almost everything. =(
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