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Published by RochellexXx
Default YoYoJester


Guide to YoyoJester
Now we speak of yoyoJester
Hello everyone, the most powerful skill of the game (Penya Strike) causing damage to the fearful and get a bonus classaggio particularly critical, ie instead of taking 1% of critical points for every 10 dex, it takes 4%.
Yoyo Jester Status:
FULL str
Is 20/30
Dex 43/53
For those who intends to follow this build, I set as variable as the value of dex should change gradually from 60 to 90 depending on the jewelry and items that you personally had set 43 dex but using 2x Arek +6 I get another 14 points that lead me to dex = 57 dex build becomes unbalanced, for coming to fix it I added 6 points to 49 dex base and then 63 dex total, but at lvl 90, removing Arek +6 and losing their bonuses, back to losing the balance of the build with 49 dex, so I expect that level to add more points in dex to return to 53 dex (ie from 1 point to 4 points depending on the team) or use the cash shop cloaks and masks to ends meet.
Here is the equipment exp
PvM Equip by:
Cruiser / Hyper Set (at lvl 45) possibly were uploaded at least +3
Reason: The bonus critical damage by 40%, once the fundamental classes;
Guardian Yo-Yo (at lvl 60) Useful but not essential.
Reason: +10% Attack speed does not really do skifo, and then has a better atk rate compared to the yo-yo NPC
Historic Yo-Yo (at lvl 75) this also try to have the + were uploaded possible, is the ultimate weapon of the yj;
Reason: 7 dex will make you reach a round number and then pass another break aspd (attack speed) and will increase the chance of 4% of critical, even here there is also a bonus of 28% to critical damage;
Sr / Rasra set (at level 90) the final set of the jester, of course, be possible to upload the +;
Reason: Critical +15% and +40% damage from critical enough?
Here instead that from PvP
Equip PvP:
Jesis / Jenes set (lvl 105) The only utility that can have a set Aoer Jester is on pvp. This set is both piercing HP Atk, you choose what you prefer to, as you seek awakening only STR and / or STA, and try Speed ​​boots%.
Reason: Def +15%, HP and Block Rate.
Legendary Golden Yo-Yo Yo-Yo/Bloody (lvl 105/120) Both Yo-yo PvP thanks to their greater Atk rate and HP +15% bonus. Here, too, seek only awakening / piercing STR or STA (Depending on what you prefer).
Skills for PvM:
Yoyo Mastery -> Increases the damage caused by Yo-Yo
Perfect Block -> +20% Block Rate
Enchant Poison -> Increases the damage of the Yo-Yo and causes poison damage (DoT).
Enchant blood at lvl -> Increases the damage of the Yo-Yo and damage due to bleeding (DoT).
Please note that Council maxare suffered only one of two of Enchant Enchant poison and blood, and remember that Enchant Enchant poison attack more blood (though little), so as to keep the points for 75 penya maxare immediately strike
Critical Swing -> Essential, Critical Rate +40%
Counter Attack -> It is used only at low levels in PvM, useful in case of aggro, mix makes the shot that you receive and stuns the mob (100% probability).
Skills for PvP (from most important to least important)
Penya Strike (HoP) -> The second most powerful skill of the game, based on the parameter STR and sull'Attack rate, consumes 1 penya for every 1 damage you do.
Dark Illusion -> It makes you invisible for 15 seconds and intargettabili (maxata).
Fast Walker -> Speed ​​+50% for 15 seconds (maxata)
Vital Stab -> Skill castabile Dark Illusion only, does decent damage, useful as an initial hit if you can not draw the opponent only HoP.
Counter Attack -> The only way for you to survive a Asal is this, it seems that now is not pvp stuns more ...
Pulling -> Drag your opponent to you. Useful if you are sneaker / Satan / windfieldati.
Sneak Stab -> Shot from behind, 60% chance to stun.
Cross Line -> hit normal, 40% chance to stun, the only skill to put in the action slot.
Skill Jester
Character level 60
Enchant Poison
Required: Deadly Swing Level 4
Description: Adds poison damage to your yo-yo of (+20% and +60 percentage of poison damage)
Enchant Blood
Description: Adds blood damage to your yo-yo and Increases striking power. Bleeding does small amounts of damage overtime.
Wanted: Perfect Block Lv 6
Description: Escape from a RESTRICTION
Character level 65
Critical Swing
Required: Lv 3 Poison Enhant
Description: Increases the chance of a +40% critical
Character level 70
Sneak Stab
Required: Enhant Blood Lv 3
Description: Increase 60% chance to stun target
Enchant Absorb
Required: Escape Lv 3
Description: Adds the ability to drain HP to your yo-yo.
Character level 75
Penya Strike
Required: Enchant Absorb Lv 4
Description: Strengthens the attack of a yo-yo by consuming penya
Character level 80
Vital Stab
Wanted: Critical Swing Lv 4 and Lv 7 Step Back
Description: In conjunction with Dark Illusion offers a critical attack depends on the skill level (double the damage)
Character level 60-M
Special Yo-yo Mastery
Description: Increases the attack of the Yo-yo ATK based on the level of Masterlite
Hero character level
Description: Disable the skill of the opponent.
Credits: This guide is the fruit of my knowledge and some other people that I am not here to quote you and I hope will be useful

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