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Quick Guide For Starters!
Quick Guide For Starters!
Published by Josearis
Smile Quick Guide For Starters!


You can do special missions that give you 20% of penya or missions experience and overall you get from simple food to accessories like rings and stuff. It can kill giants to sell or use what you throw, etc..

Managing a doll you drive it says (PJ) will go up in level as you kill monsters. There are several islands or large maps. All players start playing in one of these islands Flaris.

If you choose a monster with a mouse click will tell you what level is next to the name you should be trying to attack as you level up (not when you're level one) level of more bugs than you. The higher level of life and attack more and more experienced defense has given you. At first it is easy to level up as you play multiple times in one day ... but then it changes and can take up to months ... when they're the kind that is in the final island.

When your character goes up a level the game will give you 3 points (stats) you can put these in the following (press H)

Sta (Life) I use all

Int (Intelligence) did not use up almost level 15. A magician gives the attack, a magician STR is not useful because it uses "skill" and the skill used Int

STR (Attack) useful for all before more damage you do lv 15

Dex (Dexterity-speed attack) or zero in on the acrobat after level 15.

Before going on a hiatus ago and clarified a few things silly game:

To recover life you feel. If you press O on the keyboard icon to find a sit

In the city (where there are no monsters to attack) is fixed NPC characters or the game these are for adventures and missions or something very important to buy food (food) for weapons (blacksmith), transporters and weapons the magician (Magic Shop ) to go to other islands (you use it at level 15 or 20); to buy a broom or board to bolar (another NPC) ... etc

In this game you can buy and sell do not sell cards and dice at the beginning (some are expensive and they will be useful later) ... I remember I sold a 1000 letter of penya or something (= silver penya in the game) when you could sell to other 10 million players

Returning to where I stay. The stats or the dots that you add when you level up are very important in the game but do not worry when you get to level 15 I can change (the only time that happens) then pay attention where you place no longer can change

At level 15 you have to do a Job. A special quests you can choose between 4 classes. You have to talk to an NPC in the city, this sends you to another, the other sends you to another or to do something, and so on. And at last you are an archer, Assist , mage, or mercenary.

Acrobat: for ranged attack and later do a aoe that kills many at once (they all have that attack that kills many, but some classes more than others) usually rise at first and Dex Sta. But I would say do not go much dex and go up a little STR and INT is the end (level 60 or higher) only use skill

Assist: The ruling class can give yourself and other players skill s (special effects) that momentarily give more life, attack, speed, etc. as you level up more of those. But is that before any other class has many aoe attack at level 60 then you can choose whether you will be a cure Assist only revives and strengthens or a fighter is very important how to manage your stats the fighter does not need much Int the heals itself. Assist's attack is not remotely like the mercenary. Then if the last thing you want is to help other players this is the least recommended PJ

Mercenary: Strikes one and should be closer to attacking then runs at a disadvantage to other classes at first. Then all you have is strong as many monsters and attack others. The Stats do not know that tube well and one of these if the other three.

Magician: It ranged attack and uses only Int and Sta complicated at first you I mean when you are level 15 that you should use a particular element to attack a particular monster. For example to power the ground attack with skill.

Suggestions to the principle of acquaintances become the most you can speak your language to be taking your questions. Add it to the messenger (left click on another player more Ctrl and select Add as a friend to the messenger) if connected, you can send a message by double-clicking the name

At level 60 is the last Job and specialization you choose your character, for example if you are at level 60 archer can choose between yoyos (a sort of boomerang or bow).
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