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Billposter STR Guide
Billposter STR Guide
Published by ghostlord
Cool Introduction


Welcome to my Guide!!

Follow this guide exactly and you will have a Billposter that can take on mobs 10-12 lvls higher than yourself, level fast, and be one of the best PvP'ers in the game.

I have a {lvl 67} [1v1] BP (STR) Build. [GhostLord] on the LaWolf Server.

Here are its stats:

HP - 4490
Attack - 1839
Defense - 633
Critical - 6%
Attack Speed (aspd) - 96%

Good luck and ask questions if you need!


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Yes 1 No 1
By ghostlord on 09-29-2008, 04:35 PM

Alright, it's done for now. Until I get suggestions.
It is my first guide. Please don't bash me too hard!!

Thanks everyone.
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By Sigh. on 09-29-2008, 04:42 PM

it's ok, but its quite common knowledge, the 43 dex break.
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By ghostlord on 09-29-2008, 04:56 PM

Yeah I know. I was just trying to dumb it down for new BP'ers.
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By Krytta on 09-29-2008, 06:27 PM
Thumbs up

i very much like it. i have a question about the str build. how is it better then the dex build? im kinda new to the world of bps anyway thanks for writing the guide it'll help newer players and maybe some older ones
but you might wanna add some pros&cons to it just to give people an idea of what the build is good at and what its not.but thanks for making it ^_^
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By FiliaChan on 09-30-2008, 01:21 AM

Originally Posted by Krytta View Post
how is it better then the dex build?
Dex builds have a small nice advantage over str builds in the beginning, but given you'll want your points where it really matters, (when you get higher leveled) it's most likely better to just use a knuckle or shield with attack speed/critical rate/hp/whatever awakenings, rather than spend a lot of money on a g. knuckle which you'll eventually change anyway.

And on other servers, like Kern, that knuckle costs up to 200mill, at their cheapest. It's not always the best thing to invest in, especially when you can get something close to its bonuses by a considerably cheaper means.

Also, the guide author forgot to explain how to further distribute the points to get all the skills a bp would usually want. No pun intended, but this guide pretty much just looks like a description of his own bp. I appreciate most things being explained, but, aside from the fact equips (other than mentioning a guardian knuckle) are left outside the guide, everything is just a blank. How do you level till BP-ness? Assists don't have the same modifiers (aspd included) as BPs do. And what do they do when they outlevel the author's BP? (lol)
What should they aim for, then? Should they try to get Asal or Clean hit with the extra points they get past 67? Should they go naked or look for which green sets or set pieces with which bonuses?
Stuff like that.

Looking forward to seeing the guide completed.
Last edited by FiliaChan; 09-30-2008 at 01:22 AM..
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By RockLee on 09-30-2008, 06:04 AM

Think Dex builds are slightly better or ok because at lower levels like pre 90- so on, your not going be ballin with a +8 or +10 set all the time for way better hit rate, and from 60+ your going be gianting alot to make money to buy a +8 or so set or good knuckle but you really don't need all that STA at that level if you ask me, Yes will help when you get to level 70 and Don't want to die from pinkies or what ever your going to kill, But also Your hit rate isnt going be above 70% i dont think unless you have good sets or yaka knuckle and those points in STA useless except to only Tank, But with buffs BP doesn't really need STA to help with killing giants So i think He needs to know alot more about BP besides his one sided view of COOKE CUTTER BUILD before he goes and makes a guide or tries to have others follow it.

I dont like the guide.

Seems to be just throwing his bp build out as a great example or guide just because it is a cookie cutter build.

Diddn't cover anything about buffs, pre-bp levels and stats, or anything really.

And i'd very much disagree with saving for Gknuckle, Too expensive and without a good set I think a Cookie cutter bp would probably do better with a Yaka Knuckle because of the 20% hit rate, Just a Thought***

Also i heard new bp speed break is at 62 Dex, BP told me that, I havent checked my self, so i suggest you know for sure before telling people go with 63 dex, especially when that speed breaks only comes into play once you get to level 60 and become BP, and that there are alot of DEX+ equips and knuckles bp can get...

& honestly, i only got level 68 BP, But leveling at mushies isnt even that hard, They miss alot cuz of my block rate, and +3 set and They don't even really hit me for that hard when i use 30 Talin set+3 and have Base STA, 56 STA buffed** can't one hit crit KO me, and i dont have to worry about aggros yet, But i really Would suggest if any bp going 1v1 to GET STA at a later level, OR Add some sta here there as your leveling up, Leave heap up alone, (don't max it until later or you need more hp to kill mobs +8 levels above you) Because points in STA i dont think any ASSIST needs when they have max HEAP UP. I just totally disagree with the STA cookie cutter part of the build, untill you get to later levels like 70+ and enter the mines, then its understandable, but if you got good block rate, elemented suit, I don't see how base STA will fail someone.

You need to do better when you make a guide....

After Reading his closing Thing fuck him, Read my SIG, and kiss my ass.... Fking noob... LOL READ the SIG boy....

With a +10 Set, and all that rm GT, all that stuff, Full str PWNS cookie cutter build so in TURN DONT GO end *63 DEX 40 STA xx STR, GO FULL STR, IN THE END ITS BETTER.... lol.... thats not bm or being rude to another member Sinner

I could make a badass guide ^^;; and i should, and may lol... meh who knows

I looked at calculator Gknuck would be a little faster, by about like 70 dmg a second or about .5 secs faster to kill a mob then Yaka, but that is an estimate, but holds Gknukc over Yaka, But yaka is cheaper and is about same, They both going do about the same dmg, But Gknuck will be faster but lower hit rate, and the Yaka will be slower but higher hit rate, so they are about evenly matched, but Gknuck adds HP bonus and COSt so much more, and is hard to make, and Yaka knuck need to find or get from CW, but is much cheaper.....

I'd Still stick to my Sta is obsolute theory, ^^;;
Last edited by RockLee; 09-30-2008 at 07:13 AM..
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By Saarix on 09-30-2008, 07:37 AM

Somethings are weird about this....first of all you dont get 118str 38ish sta 43 dex 15 int atr lvl 76 I'm 122str,30sta,43dex,15int so with 38 sta you only get 102str at 65...second why 6 patience only get 4 its usless
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By ghostlord on 09-30-2008, 11:37 AM

Alright, FiliaChan, I really appreciate your help! Once I read your post, I realized that a good amount of stuff was missing. Thanks, and I will be posting more information soon.

RockLee on the other hand, I felt as though you were criticizing me every step of the way. And, I also felt that you do not know anything about BP's. So you are actually saying that a Yak Knuck is equivalent to a GKnuck??? You are out of your mind. The GK had +15%aspd and +15%hp. Even if it has a little bit lower hit rate, its hitting incredibly fast, and you are gonna kill faster with it.

And the STA complaint that you had?!?!? Saying not to MAX HeapUp until lvl 70???? And not to put anything into STA or DEX, just STR?!?!? You, sir, are a moron.

Next Please.

Saarix, yes, the 6 into Patience was a mistake. It is pointless, just stick to 4.
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By theanamer on 10-01-2008, 03:16 PM

i guess str build and dex build is a tie. tested on ivillis dandysher at lvl 60:
First try:str bp kills it first before the dex bp did.
Second try:the dex bp kill it first cuz the str bp missed a little.
So on your closing, its not really the best.
Last edited by theanamer; 10-01-2008 at 03:17 PM..
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