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I'm Watching You
Default Flyffworld and SC - 02-02-2008, 12:29 AM
Awesome song to listen to.

I'm gonna listen to Adian's advice and step in. I usually don't do it like this but I think it's time for me to speak out on everything.

Prepare your self for a mother fawking long ass thread, that only the people who are interested in reading will be reading. Go microwave a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show I'm about to reveal to you.

As the sole owner of flyffworld, it's properties and the domain, I have to say enough is enough after reading 100 something pages of arguments from Party A, Party B, and Party C.

FlyFFWorld Of The Past

Flyffworld was originally created by Strafe. Six month after it's creation, the creator went to a website called where he sold it to a guy name Tor. Tor almost didn't get this site, instead it was about to go a person who would have tried to "flip" the site. At the time of the sale, FW was doing okay and doing around 2,000-3000 visitors per day. It had about 8,000 or so members and less than 50-100k posts. Tor had just bought his first ever website. He barely had enough to support it throughout the years and barely made payment on it.

Tor came in struding his stuff thinking he was gonna pwn this site and make it hella tight.

Oh shit was he wrong. He himself got pwned by the communities amazing response. He was like, wtf, this isn't what I expected....oh shiiiiiiittttt. Tor was inexperienced with a website that had this type of community. But still he wanted to make it bigger. There were some losses along the way. He knew though that this was a special community. No one knew at this time that Tor had bought the website (well they kept it to themselves about it). Strafe had advise Tor to keep it on the low key that the site was sold.

This was the first ever event in flyffworld where the community came together. This was also the first time, anyone has ever said that FW was going to the shits, and it was going to die soon. It did not look good for Tor. Even some of his mods were saying this site was going to die.

The "SC" Becomes Infamous Throughout The Net

October 2006 SC became infamous when it's fomer king and queen made Digg's history with the most comments in a single story ever.

OMG flyffservers are crashing left and right. Too many damn people visiting the website. Over 20,000 people coming to check out Rooh and Shinzo. It was the story of the mother fucken year! Unfortunately it wasn't all good. A bunch of noobs came in to attack Rooh and Shinzo.

Oh man, were they mistaken. This was the 2nd time in FW history where the community came together to protect their website, not from Tor but this time from the digg nation, meat heads, raiders and many other pieces of wad. Fuck yea, SC and FW kicked ass.

Man, people were smiling, people were shouting from the bottom of their hearts. FW and SC was one. They protected each other from the evils outside. We were all smiling. We were proud. We were tight. We were a family. We were happy. People were sharing those damn cookies. Everyone had a good ass cookie to eat that day.

Version 3

3 months later, Version 3 was here. Fuck yea, a lot of the people like it. Tor has a nice grin throughout the coming weeks. FW was getting big, we were getting 5k per day now. Threads were poping up everywhere, new members were coming in. Flyff was still a pwner of a game. Everyone still played Flyff.

The First Epic SC Drama

Oh damn, that didn't last long. 2 months later, SC's King and Queen separated. This was the end for SC. The SC, yup the fucken SC has never seen so much drama in it's history as this one. People were mad, accusations were being thrown left and right. It was EPIC. Eventually Rooh left, and Shinzo followed suit. It wasn't just about the two king and queens. It stemmed deeper than what the public eye so.

SC, moved on from the history that was Rooh and Shinzo. More whispers left and right, SC is going to die, FW is going to die.

However SC kept growing and the torch was just handed down to more people who came a long. It's development kept growing and growing to what you see today.

The SC became Legendary. It was "E.P.I.C"

FlyffWorld At The Present

Flyffworld is the worlds largest flyff fansite. It has some of the most amazing, most unique members in it's forum consisting of 30,000 strong. 1.1million post. 2+ year in making. 11,000+ visitors per day. 100,000+ pageviews per day. So many people have said FW is going to die. FW still going strong.

Since the beginning of it's creation this community has had a strong sense of togetherness. Weather it's because of the game that is flyff, or the unique people that you meet here, there is no denying the fact that you shared pictures, laughters, and memories here.

But as I type this today one of the "important" parts of FW is falling apart because of disagreement between it's members, itself, and it's staff.

And because of that...
and because I have a moral obligation as the owner of this site, a frequent user, a leader, a lover of FW, I have to type this message.

FW in it's history, has always had a community that comes together and gets through everything. We always move on and live on. We always grow stronger no matter what. This time, really big event has happened.

Questioning mods, and admins is ok. Anyone who takes a position that requires you to "watch" over other people so that you can insure the stability of the community will take hits from members all the time. Look at Gala Net. They have to watch their website and game all the time. And look at the treatment they get.

I want my staff (past and present) to know, that I appreciate the stuff you guys do here. Even if it's a little or a lot. You been through the history of this site so far. You know what this site has gone through. You know how unique it's member are. You volunteer and you don't get much recognition. Thx for doing this as a volunteer job.

The Staff
I have the logs to everything that each staff member does. Each member has done what they are suppose to do, which is mod the forum that they are assigned. But it is true some have slacked off by not logging on and doing what they were assigned to do. And as the owner, I choose to not let them know about it. This was my fault. I should have told the lazy one's to pick up their game or give up their positions. And in the long run, it has lead to this discussion. You have to understand though, when they were assigned as mods and globals, they actually did do work. However some just lost interest and as the admin, I failed to talk to them about it.

And indirectly we have lost many staff members throughout the years because of my poor choices. And lately if you haven't heard I lost two more moderators because of many many factors. Not only was it because of the drama in SC, but the Drama and internal conflicts of the mod council itself. Yes even we have conflicts. Disagreements in ideas, and disagreements of each other.

You guys want more actives mods for Flyffworld and better canidates for SC. We hear you and we will agree and compromise with you guys. However, the flames you have thrown at the mods and some at the admins are unjust. You do not know how much work is put into maintaining a website of this magnitude. But we do get that you do appreciate some of our efforts.

Before the thread that AdianRyuko started, the admins and global were already discussing everything you talked about regarding the staff. Aaerdan, had already submitted a 2 month report of his own findings to us. He did all voluntary for the better of flyffworld. His report included Spam Central, Inactive Mods, Reputation System, and many other things that, Adian's thread talked about. What he suggested was being talked about and was going to happen soon. He did with the thought of helping flyffworld, not to showboat around. He and every mod here, tries to help FW, not destroy it. Yes even AidanRyuko cares for SC, his friends here and FW.

Adians and other opinion on aaerdan's access to the mod council is uncalled for. As a former a admin, I approve 100% of aaerdan's access because of his advice and as a respect from me to help for helping me once run FW. I did the same for SilentXHill with his Judge tag. Aaerdan chooses to use an invisible "advisor" tag. There is nothing wrong with aaerdan giving advice. He no longer has any admin powers.

You guys have to say thanks to these mods and admin once in a while, because 100% they are a big part of FW just as the SC. I do know for a fact that some of u do say your thanks, and we appreciate it.

The Reputation System
Many of you don't really care or notice for this unless you built your reputation the "legal" way. Unfortunately, the rep system has just been massively massively abused and somewhere a long the road, everyone has been abusing it even if you didn't. Because some reps you got were from people who abused the rep system. So indirectly you recieved rep that was "abused".

Who would have thought, a simple Rep system would drive so many members crazy and cause so much drama on SC and FW. Right now there are only two options that I can give you guys. Because this is an open discussion you guys can make the vote.
  1. You can vote that we remove the rep system all together.
  2. Or you can vote site wide reset so everyone can start a new.

If you choose option 2. Then there will be new rules including, disabling rep in private guild forums and in SC. We will lower the rep amount to 1, lower the rep power of everyone to a low number and cap it, so that anyone who thinks they can abuse the system will take many many many months to even gain a significant amount of green dots. Even if a massive amount of people were to get together and ask for rep it wouldn't work. The reps will be monitored by the admins and we will make new rules for it. If you think someone is abusing the rep system, then you can report it. The admins will have log files of all rep systems made and we can verify who made the rep, the comment they made, and who they gave the rep to.

How come we didn't do that before? At that time we didn't think something like this could come from the rep system. Also there were no way for us to control the rep system other than the standard functions allowed. Until now that is. I just found a way to increase the functionality on the admin side. Again it's your vote if you want to keep it or start a new.

Spam Central
It's so infamous It's now known as just "The SC". The SC is where it happens and the SC is where it's at is what I hear from some. Ever since it got it's massive popularity from the history that it has had, from Shinzo and Rooh, to many many other drama's. The SC has been a hang out for some of FW's more infamous and known members.

SC has gained the reputation of not only a place which scares the living crap out of many new people, regular members, and even mods and admins, but it has been a home too. Regular members which joke and laugh with each other. Post interesting conversations and just chill out. A place away from home.

We the staff recognize that this is a place of solitude for some. That's why we are more "chill" here as well.

However we can't ignore everything that is said here. Of all the problem reported to us by the "report post" button at least 80-90% of them reside in SC. So what does this mean? Some of the posts you make there offends even the members that call the SC their home. Since it's arrival last year, the button has registered more complaints from members than some of the forums we have on flyffworld.

So here's the hard part. We're gonna have to compromise. We are already talking about ways to get mods you want to mod SC that's why you have the stickies you see in the SC. But just because we allow you to pick your mods, does not mean that, can ignore problems happneing in the SC. The rules are the same. But they can be discussed because of ticky tacky subjects regarding bans and infractions. These are the three main rules which the entire website must abide by.
  • No Porn
  • No Racism
  • No Flaming Each Other

It's not that hard. If you do any of those things and get reported, don't blame the mods. They are acting base on what someone has found offensive. We let many things happen in SC that a normal forum would not let happen. But even some things go beyond reasonable.

We're going to be more flexible on bans. But we haven't decided 100% if this is a good idea or not. If you think you like this idea, then post your reply. The Idea, is we will allow banned members, to have say and discuss why they got banned. We will allow banned members, to post in a secret subforum only seen by them and the staff team. They will not see anything else. If you think you been unjustly banned, then that's your chance to say so. If you agree or disagree with this idea please post it.

If you're banned is justified. You just have to wait your days. In FW, there are no such thing as permanent "person" bans. We only ban accounts. If you're account gets banned forever, you have 2 months before you can come back and create a new account under any other name you want.

Permament account bans are the ultimate punishment because you lose your account and that reputation. You can come back and start over, but it just doesn't look good and it just isn't the same. Anyone who's signed up on a new forum knows that. Once you start over you are noob, that's that. You lost everything. Everything you established is just not gonna be the same for you. So before you try to get banned, I want you do think about it.

There is no way FW can permanent ban anyone. There are methods out there that can get you easily through to flyffworld if you wanted to.

Please remember that the SC is in FW and that you still must follow the rules that every other FW member follows.

FlyffWorld And The Future
The SC has indeed caused a revolution that has directly and indirectly changed FW as we know it. I recognize that, and so do many other members even if they don't want to admit it.

SC has always been a part of Flyffworld and it has been so amazing how the SC has grown. Anyone who tries to replicate the SC will not ever be able to again. This SC is it. You will not see another SC like this ever again. It can not be duplicated because the members of FW are just too unique. The history of the SC is infamous.

You guys should be proud of what you have made the SC into. Instead of fighting with each other. I'm telling you right now, this SC can not be duplicated no matter where it goes because the SC indeed has help FW become what it is.

The future of SC and a bit of FW is in your hands now. - Say what you want Nominate your SC mods.
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