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Post AoE BP help - 08-06-2011, 02:59 AM
Hello everyone,

I am making a aoe assist to billposter at the moment, and i need some advice.

What i am doing is i am going to make 120 sta from lvl15 so i think i would reach 120 sta at lvl53. and by then i have 2x Vigor+9 A +19strength dhield and maxed Beef up. So that makes 59 strength. Is this enough to get decent damage while AoE'ing.

And do i also need a shurand set (lvl 60 assist armour).

And do i need a Guardian Knuckle or is a Yakadain better for AoE?

And i have 2x plug earrings+9 for less damage.

Can someone please answer my questions?
Thanks in advance, mcrosser.
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Psykeeper Of The YearRanger Of The Year
Default 08-06-2011, 08:25 AM
1. Your damage will get better eventually. Just do what you said: go for the STA first, then add STR.

2. Go for the NPC set for Billposters, since it adds more defense than a Shurand set. You should be able to AoE better with that.

3. Guardian Knuckle for AoErs, cause of the HP bonus. I think it has a higher base attack too. But if you can't get one, go for the CW knuckle I guess.
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aoe, aoebp, billposter, gknuckle, questions

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