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Default Your Favorite AMV! - 03-13-2009, 09:43 AM
Here, you post your favorite AMV's, and explain why you like them.

For people who don't know what a AMV is, it is called an "Anime Music Video." It is a video where a person has taken clips from an Anime series, or Anime's and made them into a music video.


Rules (Must Fallow these) READ THESE FIRST

* You can Post more then One AMV, but they cannot be in the same post preferably

*No Double Posting please

*No Flaming or making rude and mean criticism to other's response's or to their AMV's

*No Spamming

*Keep Spoiling to a Minimum or none at all. If people do not want to be spoiled if spoilers appear in this topic, i suggest not reading or watching the AMV's, or not coming to this topic at all.


I will start this with my Most Favorite AMV to date

One Piece AMV - Ignition

Why? : This Anime music video got to my attention most recently, i find it catchy, and i play it over and over. I remember hearing a shorter version of this on a FlyFF music video. This includes one of my favorite Anime series of all time, One Piece. It probally is one of the most longest running anime's. One piece doesn't have the sappy Naruto or bleach scenes, it has them too, but not as often as Naruto or One Piece. Also, the characters are interesting, most of all, Monkey D. Luffy, whom you will see a lot in this AMV.
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Loli Hunter
Default 03-13-2009, 09:51 AM
That AMV doesnt fit the song, theres action scenes during quiet bits of the song. Horrible timing :x

That's my fave, took a while to find it. I had the original file in full size on my PC years ago.
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