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Default Dogs for Food? - 01-18-2010, 04:25 PM
Should it be allowed to consume dogs for food?

(This is among several interesting debate topics we had in Sociology class :C)
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Default 01-18-2010, 04:52 PM
Personally I find the act of eating a dog or a cat to be quite disgusting.

However I really dont see the difference between killing lets say a deer/cow/other random animal and eating it.

So I dont think it should be against the law, but it is personally disgusting to me.

Its most likely b/c growing up in America dogs/cats are seen as pets. To the point of actually being a part of the family.
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Default 01-18-2010, 07:47 PM
I'm vegetarian so I'm obscenely biassss...

but why the hell would we need to start killing additional animals?
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Hello Kitty Lover
Default 01-18-2010, 07:53 PM
They are as any other animal. Hunting/eating of Dog should be controlled though so it doesn't kill off the population.
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Default 01-18-2010, 08:07 PM
Well, the one real objective problem with eating dogs is basically the same as the one that crops up with pigs. Because of co-habitation, dogs have picked up some pretty grungy species-crossing parasites which could be passed on through improperly cooked meat. Dogs and humans have co-existed for a good ten thousand or more years, plenty of time for diseases to jump species. I'm sure any owner of an outdoors puppy has gotten a case of ringworm at some point in their life, or knows how easy it is to pass along. Giardia is another parasite that's pretty common for all sorts of animals to have, and can cause some pretty nasty tummy upsets for humans.

Less objectively, it's difficult because dog faces look a lot like baby human faces in proportion (forward-facing, large eyes, large ears, etc.), so human instinct says it's bad to harm them, just as instinct keeps us, mostly, from hurling babies into walls, no matter how much they scream at nothing. It'd be difficult to find someone to breed and slaughter dogs in the Western world, and harder still to convince people to eat them.

Subjectively, I couldn't conceive eating a dog or a cat. I think we've made dogs at least half-human through breeding and training, and I can't really eat a human. Hell, I think most dogs are more human than most humans are. I know I certainly feel more for dogs that suffer than humans that suffer. Basically, that's the reason I'll eat only either buffalo that I know was raised locally, or chicken. The buffalo thing because I know where they come from, and they do real well by the buggers, and chickens because I raised them, and they're dumb as dirt, even the pet ones.

Anyway, the point is that dogs have something which Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen (of Science of Discworld fame) refer to as "mind". They describe mind as the part of the brain that is does what we think of as thinking. When you type, that's not mind, but when you learn to type, or develop a new keyboard, you're using mind. Essentially, mind is something you grow over a period of time. Children don't have as much as adults, and, if you're using your brain correctly, you'll have a lot more as an older person than you do when you're 15. They argue that animals we associate with are taught to develop minds of their own, so that a dog won't function (as many dog psychologists will erroneously tell you) mostly on instinct, but more like humans do, with the mind part of them trying to subdue the instinct.

So, in eating something with a mind, you're eating something that you could almost say had a soul. At very least, it's got the rudiments of self-consciousness that we think makes us human and ethical and all that. So, when you eat a dog, or a well-socialized cat, or a pet bird, or a dolphin, an elephant, anything else that has this quality of being a little bit self-aware (beyond reaction to stimuli; elephants can actually recognize themselves in mirrors), you're denegrating that part of yourself that strives to better the world.
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Sig Of The Week
Default 01-18-2010, 08:18 PM
works for the azns
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FilipinoRutiene of the Year
Default 01-18-2010, 11:23 PM
Originally Posted by Suinia View Post
Should it be allowed to consume dogs for food?

(This is among several interesting debate topics we had in Sociology class :C)
It's a question of culture, is it not? Go ask immigrants and exchange students.
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Otaku Of The YearStaff Of The Year
Default 01-19-2010, 01:22 AM
Sure, hell I'd even go as far as to say I'd eat dog meat if given the chance. No animal life is worth more than another and the only logical reason someone would say otherwise would be emotional attachments.
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Movie Mogul
Default 01-19-2010, 06:18 AM
Koreans eat dog.

Cantonese eat dog.

Filipinos eat dog.

Not ALL of them, but enough of them to make it a decent culinary industry. And certainly not limited to them either.

It's a question of culture, and probably one that disgusts one people while making another salivate.

Thus, when we were in Seoul, we had to try dog meat. It didn't taste substantially different from other types of meat. In fact, I've forgotten what it tastes like, what the consistency of the flesh is like, etc.

Thus, I don't have an issue with eating dogs. Or kangaroos. Or rats.

I've yet to try whale, though.

But I do have an issue with how the animals are treated before they are slaughtered. It still won't stop me from trying it (the food, not the treatment of animals!), because life is too short, and food is one of the few things in life one can truly enjoy for its sake.

Should the consumption of certain animals be allowed?


But we should be civilised enough not to bash them repeatedly in the nose just to keep their meat tender.

Or aim to grab and crush their testicles because it's part of a manhood ritual.

Or brain them near senseless so you can keep them motionless long enough to break their skull open and eat their brains while they are still alive.

Or shallow fry them, then slowly pick off the cooked meat off their bodies while they are still breathing.
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Default 01-19-2010, 08:47 AM
It wouldn't make any sense for it not to be allowed, and it's ridiculous when people who eat 'normal' meat like cows/pigs/chickens make a big deal about people eating cats and dogs. There's no difference.
I really don't care what people eat (aside from other humans) as long as it's not something that belongs to me, and as long as they kill it humanely
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