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Exclamation Help!: Many Game Related Questions [Noob-ish] - 06-18-2010, 05:01 AM
Alright, I've been playing on and off since 2006, though I am still very much like a noob to the game. I have just started playing again, so I'm not even a class yet. Here are some of my questions I need answered.

1: In your opinion, which class is best for pvp?
2: In your opinion, which class is best for pvm?
3: Is there any way for me to make penya quickly, or at all, after having my past accounts being erased? [meaning I have like 0 penya/I'm poor]
4: If yes to the above, how can I easily make more money/penya?
5: Does your gaming style depend on which class is best for you?
6: I want to become more social [unlike I have been] to make friends, parties, and what not, what is your advice on how to do so based on my current gaming style?
7: Relating to the above, which class do you think would be best for me based on the above?
8: How should I level up? [feel free to say different answers based on different classes since I am still choosing]
9: How can I make more friends, or find good parties of exp?
10: I need to learn how to pvp, and I need advice on it, so please answer this by messaging me.
11: This question is for fun. But, Do you want to be my friend? XDDDD Lmao, if so send me a message. xD

This is all I can think of right now, I will edit and add more if I can think of any. Please post a reply, or send me a message. Also, you can answer, or give me advice via email. Someone please help me. @_@ The only real game experience I've had was with a mage up to lvl 30 -_- And ofc many other characters I failed or deleted, or got deleted by me not playing. But currently I started a brand new account.
PS: I really do need help with making penya so please give me advice, or tell me how to do so either through a message or a reply, or via email.
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Oreo Monster
Default 06-18-2010, 07:04 AM
Luciana answered the first 2 questions rather well, so I'll just skip those. Ideally the best way to really make money at this particular moment is to farm the hell out of the current events going on - World Cup Event & the Clockworks Butler one. The World Cup event drops really nice items that you can sell and make a decent profit to start up your funds.

Outside of events such as those, you can always make money by gianting (aka farming giant monsters) which will drop additional items that you can NPC.

Your gaming style is all really personal preference. I mean for example I've never been the type to get into AoEing (gathering multiple mobs and killing them at once), but as a Billposter I extremely enjoyed it. I also like 1v1 fairly well so I'd do that with a Blade

But really, if you have a specific type of gaming style, play a class that fits it if you really want to get the hang of the game/fund yourself. It'll help you to enjoy the game more and you won't be concerned with trying to get the hang of a new system.

The best way to really make friends & find parties however, is through making a full support (Assist > Ringmaster). The major downside to this is the funding and you won't be able to easily make money to help yourself. Alternatively making a Billposter (Assist -> BP) will not only make you self reliant, but you can also find people to plvl, or even leech, which while potentially a con in theory, but you'll meet tons of people in the process and makes you more versatile in helping out.

Since trying to refund yourself seems to be the key priority, I would make a 1v1 BP. However, I would probably read Luciana's posts across all the other sections, they sum up the classes and their benefits extremely well.

As for making friends, just try starting up a conversation with anyone levelling nearby you, or join a party (you can see parties that need people to join in a shout. In the chat box, type /say [name of the guy that's shouting]) and try talking in there? Granted they won't be levelling in the same area as you that much, but it's always worth a shot and you'll get to know people.
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