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Default [Multiple Servers] Buying Statted BLUES - 09-29-2008, 11:29 PM
Before you go crazy at the NPC with these rare sets, look here please. I'm buying various high-level statted blues from every server. Levels 95 and level 107 parts, preferably with the following stats:

Labon - Level 107 male Blade: STR / STA / DEX
Hyusein - Level 95 male Elementor: INT / STA
Lohendiff - Level 95 female Ringmaster: INT / STA
Mithril - Level 95 male Ranger: STA / DEX / INT
Violin - Level 107 female Jester: Any Stats

Kafoneka - Level 95 female Psykeeper: INT / STA
Decasron - Level 95 male Jester: STR / STA / DEX

Hanisbo - Level 107 female Billposter: Any Stats

Greynis - Level 107 female Knight: STR / STA
Hellieng - Level 107 male Psykeeper: INT / STA

Huaris - Level 95 female Blade: STR / STA / DEX

Branto - Level 107 male Ranger: STA / DEX / INT

Revantu - Level 95 male Knight: STR / STA / DEX
Venopy - Level 107 male Ringmaster: INT / STA

Phahunin - Level 107 female Elementor: INT / STA
Snaic - Level 95 male Billposter: Any Stats

Do not try to meet me in-game yet. Post here either telling me what your server you're in and which set and parts you're offering, or post here giving your MSN or IGN so we can discuss terms of a potential transaction.

Only the sets that I've listed in their respective servers, please. Multiples of the same part is fine though, I'll buy them. I'd prefer either good awakenings or just unawakened parts.

Last edited by Lerkurliantamer; 10-07-2008 at 04:22 AM.
Default 12-04-2008, 08:06 AM
Movie Guru
Default 01-14-2009, 04:33 PM
Lerk gets a (apologetically late) bump. Pls BA no ban me.

Seriously tho Lerk - if you come across any 95-107 blues on Mushie for eles of either gender, female blades, or female BP's that you don't want/aren't statted, will you let me know?
Closed Thread
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107 set, 95 set, blues, buying, lerk

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