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Default February 23, 2011 - 50% off Amp Bundle, 25% Off Party Bundle, + EXP EVENT! - 02-23-2011, 05:03 AM

Greetings Flyffers!
In stock now on our digital shelves there's some super duper discounted bundles!

On Sale Now
The Amplification (50) + 1 Day Azria (7) combo at 50% OFF!!! That's 50 Amp Scrolls, 7 1 day azria tickets at only 4000 gPotatos!!!

The Enhanced party Skill Range (4) + FREE Extra Bag combo at 25% OFF!!!

Additionally, due to popular request, the following bundles will remain in the cash shop until this Friday!

The SProtect (50) + Sunstone (12) combo!

The XProtect (50) + Sun/Moon (12) combo!

It's a good time to snatch some Amps! With the EXP event running for a week? how can you lose?!?!?

Enjoy the sale Flyffers, and have fun keeping Madrigal safe!

Hello Flyffers.

This week on the event plate: a much requested exp event

For the next 7 days and ending on March 1st, players will be treated to 1.5x the normal exp rate. There's not much else to say other than, saddle up, do those finger warm ups for long hours on the keyboard and mouse, and be sure to take a break away from the computer screen at least once an hour.

Stay classy Flyffers, have fun in Madrigal this week

Patch Notes: Feb 22nd, 2011 [ February 23, 2011 ]


•The Love or Hate event comes to an end. Unfortunately there was a problem updating this event during maintenance. Please hold on to your tickets as the boxes will be rewarded during next week's maintenance. The boxes will be rewarded 1 box to every 1 ticket.

•The Let's Play 1.5x Exp Event kicks off! For 1 week and ending on the 1st of March, players will be treated to 1.5x the normal exp rate.
•The Go For Broke Dice Play and Rock Paper Scissors event continues.

New Sales:

•The following bundles have been added to the Cash Shop for 1 week: The Amplification (50) +1 Day Azria (x7) (50% OFF) and the Enhanced Party Skill Range (4) + FREE Extra Bag (25% OFF).
•The SProtect (50) + Sunstone combo and the XProtect (50) + Sun and Moon combo will stay in the Cash Shop until Friday the 25th.

Client Updates:

•Minor Text changes.

•Last week there was an erroneous change to the base stats of some of the instanced dungeon bosses like Drakul. They have been reverted back to their original state and will not act like they are on performance enhancing substances.

•Fixed a few stability issues with the servers.

•Added new assets to accommodate future events.
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Oreo Monster
Default 02-23-2011, 08:34 AM
.... At this rate, it's like, you might as well just post a thread on the officials asking for an exp event and it'll occur.
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Default 02-23-2011, 09:23 AM
well they went 2 months without one lol

and its only 1.5x which is just enough to shut people up

Theres no 7 day amps and i never saw the exp they give but i cant even imagine how easy 139 would be. With normal 5x amps i'll be getting 15% per hour at 130 lol... thats like ridiculous. I think with 5x 7 day amps 130-139 would take like 3 hours lol...
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