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Default March 16, 2011 Winter Clearance 30% OFF, Awesome Bundles + Level Up Event - 03-17-2011, 05:31 AM

Greetings Flyffers and Holy COW!!!
There's a ton of fantastic items in the Cash Shop right now so step up and check out our digital shelves!
The Adept's Keys and Beads Bundle - This special bundle designed for your trusty buff pet comes packaged with 7 Bead Slot Keys and 7 FREE Adepts Precious Bead Boxes.

The Champion's Keys and Beads Bundle - This special bundle designed for your trusty buff pet comes packaged with 7 Bead Slot Keys and 7 FREE Champions Precious Bead Boxes.

Awesome Returning Bundles
Ultimate Chance Box Bundle (16)

Soul Leeching Bead Bundle (Permanent)

Party Bundle EXTREME
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Bundles
(must be purchased as a Buy 1 Get 1 Free bundle under the Special Offers section; purchasing the individual items under their respective sections will only result in a single item being purchased.)
Buy 1 Get 1 Re-Stat
Buy 1 Get 1 Pet Energy
Buy 1 Get 1 Scroll of Reduction A
Buy 1 Get 1 Red Scroll
Buy 1 Get 1 Chance of the Pet Tamer
Buy 1 Get 1 Blessing of the Goddess
Buy 1 Get 1 Extra Bag
Finally, and last but definitely not least, we're trying to clean our shelves of all those Xmas items to make room for spring stuff! As such, all previously released Winter and Christmas related items are back in the shop at 30% OFF!
Always wanted a lumia? Those cute mistletoe sets? How about a pet Santa? They're back so come and check em out, snatch up what you want, and win!
That's a TON of great stuff with something for everyone all!
Enjoy the sales Flyffers and have fun keeping Madrigal safe throughout the week!
Greetings Flyffer's and welcome to Spring!

We know, we know, @gPotatoHelper hit their 1000 twitter followers mark. Chillax though, your precious weeklong 2x Exp event and 1.5 Drop event is coming - next week :3

However, this week, to get the ball rolling for spring, you are all going to be treated to none other than an Attack Power Event where you'll all be receiving a +300 bonus to your attack stats. This boost will run the course of three weeks to go alongside the Level Up Event!

Not familiar with the Level Up Event? In a nutshell, level as you normally would, get prizes for doing so! The list below show's what cool stuffs you'll all be getting, but just keep in mind that the first prizes from levels 1-60 are event and cannot be traded. However, past level 60, unless otherwise specified, each prize is indeed tradable!

Enjoy the event Flyffers and have fun getting free stuffs for your toons.

Level Up Event Prizes
2 Scroll of Amplification ES20 x 1
5 Upcut Stone(Event) x1
10 Scroll of Amplification ES20 x3
15 Upcut Stone(Event) x1
17 Baby Tiger (1 day Event)
20 Scroll of Amplification ES40 x3
23 (Event)Syila Bike Box(7 days)
26 Scroll of Amplification ES40 x3
29 Bull Hamstern x3
32 Scroll of Amplification ES40 x3
35 FLY x3
38 Scroll of Amplification ES40 x3
40 Activition x3
43 Upcut Stone(Event) x3
45 Grilled Eel (Event) x2
47 Upcut Stone(Event) x3
50 Scroll of Blessing(Event) x2
55 Activition x5 + Upcut Stone(Event) x3
58 Grilled Eel (Event) x3 + Refresher Hold x3 + Vital Drink X x3
60 Extra Bag (15 days) x1
62 Raizei's Guardian Chest of Phat Lewt x5
64 Power Scroll x3
67 FLY x5
70 Azria Ticket (1 Day) x2
75 TurBo's Extremely Exquisite Historic Chest x5
77 Roanin's Magic Level Box x3
80 Special Cloak Gift Bag! x1
84 Remantis Laccotte x15
90 RabidFish's Uber Doober Angel Chest x5
93 Remantis Laccotte x20 + Mysterious Bag x2
96 Raffle Box A x2
100 Rhisis' Blessed Treasure Box x2
103 Lucky Ring Chance Box x2
105 Cromiell's Legendary Golden Chest with HAWTSAUCE x 5
110 Redemption Scroll Box x1
114 Raffle Box A x3
117 Event Traseia(7 Days) x 1
120 Magic Scrolls Box x1 + Polynikes Victorious Glasses Box B x 3
123 Event Sunstone x15 + Event Moonstone x15
125 Super Star Candy x10
127 Champion's Precious Bead Box x1 + Adept's Precious Bead Box x1
129 Little Lykan x1
133 Remantis Laccotte x99
135 Blessing of the Goddess x3 + Treasure Box x2
139 Elegant White Wings x1

Another exp event next week lol.. maybe the return of 7day amps?
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