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The no B.S. Guide to a Full Support Assist
The no B.S. Guide to a Full Support Assist
Published by mikybee93
Default The no B.S. Guide to a Full Support Assist


xxx means put all remaining points there.

Full Int
Str: 15
Sta: 15
Int: xxx
Dex: 15

HP Cushion
Str: 15
Sta: 30-40
Int: xxx
Dex: 15

Str: 15
Sta: 50-70
Int: xxx
Dex: 15

Follow this in order (customize as you please). The numbers mean "get to level #"

Heal- 3
Mental sign- 4
Patience- 4
Quick step- 3
Resurrection- 1
Heap up- 20
Heal- 10 (if leeching, higher, but buffs will end up lower)
Haste- 20
Beef up- 20
Cats reflex- 20
Accuracy- 15

This ends at level 59, now there is a multitude of options.

If you want, you can trade lvl 15 accuracy for beef up or cats reflexes, just switch their places and get accuracy to 20 and the other to 15.

Always try to have the highest leveled ring, necklace, and earrings as you can without going broke, and sell them for just as much if not more money after you're finished with them.

Inteli ring

Necklace (only if you have the cash):
Gore (if you need the extra MP then mental, but you probably won't)

Earrings (only if you have the cash):

A Stick of Roritoren (level 45)

Suit, etc:
Wedge (M) or Flury (F) set (level 45)
If you can get this full set by level 60, great!

If not go for a Sardine (M) or Curus (F) set (level 15)
This isn't great for supporting, but the attack speed bonus is great.

This guide is meant to cut out the middleman, just get to the facts. I know that none of this information is new or innovative, and I know that the writing isn't in-depth, but that's the point.
Cut it down to one page of information that is all useful, of course this is only for a FULL SUPPORT assist.

This is a new genre of guide, and I'm doing this as an experiment.
If you like this type of guide please tell me why, and if you don't, yet again, please tell me why. Tell me what ESSENTIAL information there is that I missed out on as well.
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Yes No
By Pyrris on 03-23-2009, 08:45 AM

A little short for a guide.. Why don't make more pages?
Maybe you can explain the builds; what are they? pros and cons?

I don't like your skill build, but that's a little bit personal.. Thats why you say: "Customize as you please".

But... it's clear for me, good guide; will help newbs
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By tootsie on 03-23-2009, 09:13 AM

Honestly? i think its too short of a guide, even if its suppose to be informative or get straight to the point guide. maybe include what the skills do? also maybe visuals of the skills/set or jewels.
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By Kookamunga on 03-23-2009, 09:16 AM

No BS as in no useful information?

You don't even say WHY you need this stuff, and you don't put in other FS sets like Navil/Neclus. You should explain the bonuses and why they're useful for an FS. Also, sta rings are useful for an FS as well, why just intellis?
And a stick of roritoren? Who even uses those now? They're useless, it's much better to get a G. Stick for hp or any stick awakened with int/sta/dmmt.

There's no point in making a guide as short as possible, it'd be way more useful if you did go at least a little in-depth.
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By mikybee93 on 03-23-2009, 09:21 AM

Ok, thanks for the feedbck. I see now that this wouldn't work out, since most people need explanation and opinion even though their actions are hardly persuaded by those two things.
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By Xylvia on 03-23-2009, 10:30 AM

it works fine for me i actually prefer guedes like this.. but i guess you do need abit more info, though i suggest u get heal to about 5ish atleast...then max...
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By Brinja on 03-23-2009, 10:42 AM

Maybe if you give reasons for getting certain buffs in the order you suggest.

For example:

Accuracy max is more useful than Cannonball max for hit rate purposes because adding 20% hit rate is more useful for melee chars than 20 Dex as the hit rate works without factoring level difference between your char and the mob, whereas Dex can only go so far for adding hit rate when there is a big(10) level gap between the fighter and the mob.
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By LordTea on 03-23-2009, 10:49 AM
Thumbs up

hmm, to me, its nice, simple, easy to understand
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By Forte on 03-23-2009, 11:57 AM

No accuracy buff??
if your partner happens to be a BP [seriously it stands for Blind Person] or a blade they can usually use it
Last edited by Forte; 03-23-2009 at 11:59 AM..
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By bajanboss on 03-23-2009, 12:18 PM

HMm YOur skills can i get that stuff in the order you suggested if i dont have Heal ?

TO be precise/accurate heal should have been the first thing on that list IMO.. from the time i job changed and got my stick i maxed heal straight off ( actually i got it to lv 15) but you really need something to fall back on early as a FS so why not max heal so your partner is encouraged to stay with you a little longer ?

Also intelli rings or useless as well as gore. Say things like get intellies + 3 and up , gore +3 and up ( if you can afford it of course) but 1 intelli rings +0 are pointless IMO.

Also as ppl prob. said earlier .Include some levels plz like the level of the stick (lv 45) and the wedge set etc.

Advice ppl on other alternatives . What to do if you cant get a wedge set . Stuff like that.

I'm sure those things can be included and still keep the guide down to less than 6 pages. And remember if you ever plan to expand, humans love to see color ( not 2545425 differnt colors with the text but rather some images or something along that line)

Thats only issue i have with the "guide"
Hope i have been of some help o.o

Emoticons right.....
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