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Default Inclusive Education - 10-28-2010, 08:08 AM
Historically students attended the school in their community that was closest to where they lived. Under a variety of pressures, and as older or under-utilized schools were identified for closure, parents began to be offered choice in which school their children could attend and a variety of options for programming became available. Second languages such as Spanish, German, and Mandarin were presented in addition to the more common French. Some schools provided religious choices that appealed to an increasingly diverse population. In other cases, schools offered academic, fine arts or athletic programs. Schools today often advertise these options in order to entice parents to enroll their children there. While there is a strong appeal to the idea of „choice‟ and advocates can identify its many advantages, others believe that allowing parents the right to choose which school their child attends has a number of harmful effects.
“Should parents have the right to choose where their child attends school?”

Falling under the same sort of question:
Teachers today face increasingly diverse groups of students, including those with various complex disabilities. One strategy for dealing with the needs of these students has been the grouping of those with similar requirements in special placements in segregated programs. However, increasingly, the idea of inclusion, or accommodating students with special needs in the regular classroom in their neighborhood school, has gained widespread currency. While supporters of inclusion can cite a number of positive benefits, there are others who feel that these are outweighed by the disadvantages of this approach.
“Should the move towards inclusion continue to be pursued in public schools?”
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Default 10-28-2010, 01:31 PM
Well I think teachers in public schools should have an abundance of knowledge; as in more than one or two degrees <or> Lots of community service. The more information they can place upon their students, the more the students will realize what is out in our world. As far as college, universities and trade schools; those are specialty schools offering exactly what is stated in their course syllabus. So those teachers (without limiting themselves) can get their students out in the real world quickly without hindering them on the other choices they could have made long ago.

In summing that up, the more diverse persons would be teaching children, and the specialty would be granting mastership(fullness).
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Default 11-09-2010, 08:35 PM
When they're only teaching math, or science, or any other subject, what need is there of mastery in many subjects? sure it would be nice for teachers to be diverse enough to teach all subjects, but it's not necessary. As for choosing what school your child goes to, I see no reason why parents should not be allowed to. what's the harm.

Segregating those with disabilities (mental ones) is, unfortunately, necessary in the current infrastructure. While it would be well and good for the disabled to be learning, say, science, with everyone else, not only could the curriculum be too complicated for them to understand, but some of their ticks or habits could be distracting to others. In classes such as music and art a number of the mentally handicapped have been able to meld successfully with other students. All things considered the school (at least mine) is doing quite alot to keep the kids included while maintaining an environment in which they can learn. which must be quite difficult. Segregation is not always a bad thing.
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