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Default Elementor vs Khan - 07-29-2010, 05:22 PM
Sorry if it's been asked/debated xx times ago, but a semi-diligent search yielded no comparisons on this matter.

Basically, I just bothered leveling a full int ele to 80 and I'm curious on which might be the most useful skill/set of skills to semi-afk spam on Khan as I pilot my acrobat through. I'm looking for a noticeable difference, since it could save my acrobat from an uncanny position lag.
At the moment, I'm thinking of Firebird, but I'm curious about how other skills behave.

My ele's full int and will be using +6/13 int rings and 2x +12 (or +18 for a while) demols, in conjunction with a clean staff. (till I get a spare Lusaka) I seem to be doing 6.1k WFs on Clocks with a +1 wind staff and semi completed gear (12% attack, 32 total int on set, 1 +6 ring) What sort of damage should I be expecting to see when I switch according to the skill(s) I'll be using, without link? (not planning to use a red scroll, too much hassle to maintain a party going; either no link, or a 2-man link will be employed)

For the record, I'm also considering feedback on how that'd work in the Savage Wilds too, since I have a 120 ele which might make that leap to masterhood.

Thanks in advance,
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Psykeeper Of The YearRanger Of The Year
Default 07-30-2010, 02:46 AM
Why Firebird? Isn't that the level 60 1v1 fire skill for elementors? The level 60 skills for eles take forever to cast and the damage difference comparing to the magician ones isn't really big.

Since the mob is Wind elemented, I think you should just use Fire Strike instead. Not sure what your damage will be though, easier to find out if you grab your stuff to a wind mob and a fire elemented staff and then see what your damage will be like. Still, the HP of that boss is pretty low so as long as you aren't using an Earth skill, you should be able to kill it fairly fast. Jump while you are doing it to prevent a position lag to happen.

Also, if you're going to use magician skills, maybe you should consider getting a Lusaka's wand + an INT shield instead, since I believe that wand isn't restricted to psykeepers only.
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