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Super Saiyan
Default 06-29-2010, 02:26 AM
Well to be fair, the parry bonus actually works perfectly fine, people just didn't realise that even +19 Parry adds barely any evasion in the formula itself, I was bitching more about fact that stuff like 20% rooting on the Marksman and Spell Crit % chance etc. on the Adept set never fully worked yet got released.

Yes No
Default 06-29-2010, 02:53 AM
The parry bonus clearly doesn't work right if it's supposed to add evasion, +19 of it and somehow it doesn't. And yes it's probably better off staying as is considering that block/evasion is really killing melee fighters but whatever lol.

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Super Saiyan
Default 06-29-2010, 03:00 AM
MarteI posted it up before and it showed that Parry was only a tiny part of the formula, same reason the 125 set blows as well.

This might help you, Ancient Bow is 19 parry instead of 20 parry but you get the idea:

Originally Posted by MarteI View Post
First of all its 20 parry not 20% evasion, theres a big difference between those. You can use this formula to calculate your evasion:
 (CMover_HR * 1.5) / (CMover_HR + CMover_GetParryingPlayer) * CMover_Monster_Level * 0.5 / (CMover_Player_Level * 0.3 + CMover_Monster_Level) * 200
For example a lvl 129 Ranger against Kheldor with 500 dex:
((((500 * 1.5) / (500 + 250)) * 135 * 0.5) / ((129 * 0.3) + 135)) * 200 = 77.7202073
Kheldors hitrate on you is 77% meaning your evasion rate is 23%.
Now with the 10 extra dex over Acer and the 20 parry:
((((500 * 1.5) / (500 + 280)) * 135 * 0.5) / ((129 * 0.3) + 135)) * 200 = 74.7309685
74% / 26%. Not so much difference.
The range is imo kinda overrated. Check your position with /pos add to 3 your x or z axis and there goes your extra range. Not much either, still a great bonus in combination with the Marksman set and Eye of the Hawk.
So you lose out 15% hp but gain 3%~ evasion and 3 range not even mentioning the fact that you have to awaken it, to pierce it and to upgrade it.

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Wiki Contributor
Default 06-29-2010, 03:39 AM
He's right about how it works, the part that irritates me is that it's such a crappy bonus to begin with, not much better than 19 dex, which makes me think whoever came up with this bonus probably thought it was much better than it is in reality.

Compare the new jewelry, for example; when you upgrade the rings you get DCT or def or crit. damage, all in percentage. But parry is static, probably because they screwed up. Some 125 sets also have parry (in addition to the fail stat bonus, where applies), I honestly find it very hard to believe they MEANT to keep it so crappy and utterly useless.

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Super Saiyan
Default 06-29-2010, 06:17 AM
You're a ranger and you find it hard to believe to believe they meant to keep you crap and useless? I've heard some things in my life but thats just

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Default 06-29-2010, 07:37 AM
Originally Posted by TehGeneral View Post
You're a ranger and you find it hard to believe to believe they meant to keep you crap and useless? I've heard some things in my life but thats just

This is true.

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Default 07-01-2010, 07:43 PM
Humm... some information given by a guy on Fr Flyff forum, be really carefull concerning this as he does not say from where it comes from, maybe from his mind need to be verified.

This look like a bad translate of a german text which i try now to translate in english so if you don't understand some part its absolutely normal.

*New dungeon: Ivilliness l'Gravejard or something like that, this is containing mobs from 75 to 90 and the entry would be aroung Luias in darkon 3.

The mobs in there would drop a rare set level 70, which sat would be: all stat +8, and decrease casting time -25% or aspd -25%.

Le chaos Ivilliss Driller (lvl 75)
Ivilliss les grappins (lvl 79)
Machine Ivilliss (80 LVL Giant)
Boxter Ivilliss mutan(lvl 80)
Popcrank dégénéré(lvl 81)
Popcrank dégénéré mutan(lvl 84)
Shadows Ivilliss (lvl 87)
Ivilliss du dragon crâne (lvl 90 Giant)
*New shields !! (this i trust it as i though about them creating new shield with base stat so everyone could throw away even more money on reversions for these )

Guardian Shield : Def +250
Historic Shield : critical hits +5% and aspd +7%
Angel Shield : HP +10% and de la vitesse de sept stations wtf is that
Legendary Golden Shield : distance block +10% melee block +10%
Bloody Shield : dammage of critical hits +12% critical hits +20% (or 20% dammage of critical hits and 12% critical hits)
Luzaka Shield : atk +150
Luzaka Cristal Shield : atk +200 Def +150
Vampire Shield : Int +7 Hp +10% decrease casting time +10%
Ancient Shield (another one O_o but this is from the boss which drops ancient weapons i guess) : Hp +15% STR +10
New offensive buffs for Rm

Anti-haste : Atkspd -10%
Anti-heap up : sta -15
Anti-Beef up en place: str -9
Anti-accuracy: hits -7%
anti- cannon ball: Dex -9
Anti-mental sign: Int -9
Anti-cats reflex : melee block -7%
Anti-heal: hummm... anti heal wtf
Anti -protect: Def -50
Anti HC: would act like a holy scroll only for HC
When arrived at level 130 the H of Hero would turn Red instead of Gold (shit i hope not T_T)

New buffs, maybe the one of level 130, would be:
blade: crit hits +9%
jester/ranger: something about hp recovery (omg why such useless buff )
elementor: decrease casting time +9%
psykeeper: ... don't know, but the reflect damage from crucio spell would be increasing in PVP (+50% ?)
Knight: +150 def and some other thing i didnt understand
nothing is said about bp or RM buffs
Remember: this might be a fake i will try to verify the source of this, must be from some german forum.

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Default 07-01-2010, 09:05 PM
Fake. That shit is a suggestion from someone for a pserver. Google "FlyFF Erweiterungs Ideen", second result.

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Default 07-02-2010, 05:04 AM
Ok thanks

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Default 07-02-2010, 07:16 AM
Quote: Kommen wir langsam zum Ende dieses Interviews. Ein paar
letzte Fragen haben wir aber dennoch. Ist der Termin für Akt 5 geplant?
[GM]Lysarthe: Ja, das ist er! Im November ist es so weit, aber das neue Datum ist noch unter Verschluss. Dürfen sie uns weitere Informationen geben, über diesen
neuen Akt auf den sich schon viele Spieler freuen?
[GM]Lysarthe: Das kann ich leider nicht, aus dem einfachen Grund, dass wir da etwas spezielles planen -übrigens in Zusammenarbeit mit den Fanseiten- und daher nicht zu viel im Vorab verraten wollen. Auf jeden Fall sind einige spannende neue Features dabei und eine Reihe toller Waffen (bin da ja ein großer Sammler).
Thats basically the only interesting part. The rest is as indeed already told about, what the GMs think about the Soccer Championship, the place they work at what they do at theire freetime and uninteresting stuff like that.

A translation would be about:

Now to the end of the interview, but a few last questions, is v5 already planned? ( our v16 as they started later)

[GM]Lysarthe: Yep it is, during november we will see the new version, the concret date we can't tell yet tho.

Well is it possible that you could give us more information about the content in v5?

[GM]Lysarthe: I can't really do that, sorry, easy because we are planning something special, - but btw, together with the fansites-, which is why i can't give detais yet. But either way i can tell there will be alot of new content to add aslike as quite some new weapons. ( I'm a collector when it comes to those)

Thats it i guess tho we can get that it'll come out in november or december for us too

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Closed Thread
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