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HMm YOur skills can i get that stuff in the order you suggested if i dont have Heal ?

TO be precise/accurate heal should have been the first thing on that list IMO.. from the time i job changed and got my stick i maxed heal straight off ( actually i got it to lv 15) but you really need something to fall back on early as a FS so why not max heal so your partner is encouraged to stay with you a little longer ?

Also intelli rings or useless as well as gore. Say things like get intellies + 3 and up , gore +3 and up ( if you can afford it of course) but 1 intelli rings +0 are pointless IMO.

Also as ppl prob. said earlier .Include some levels plz like the level of the stick (lv 45) and the wedge set etc.

Advice ppl on other alternatives . What to do if you cant get a wedge set . Stuff like that.

I'm sure those things can be included and still keep the guide down to less than 6 pages. And remember if you ever plan to expand, humans love to see color ( not 2545425 differnt colors with the text but rather some images or something along that line)

Thats only issue i have with the "guide"
Hope i have been of some help o.o

Emoticons right.....
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