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Default 12-22-2008, 11:38 PM
As far as equipments go, wouldn't the Talin/Sayram set be much more useful to a 1vs1 BP than the lvl.69 Blues or the lvl 75 greens? I mean, looking at all the sets, the lvl 30 greens are better for 1vs1 than any set until lvl.105. Awakenings aside, of course.

And, as far as Yak/Gknuck, I used both in lvling my BP. Personally, I found the GK to be much more effective (which is to be expected considering the cost ) However, the Yak knuck shouldn't be over looked. Getting to 75 isn't too hard, at which time you *should* invest in the Historic Knuckle, which is perfectly tailored to the 1vs1 BP.
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