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Maybe there's someone who's already said all this, but I'll give you my opinion on it. ^^

Overall, it's a pretty good guide. The build seems accurate enough to me for all these things you suggested, although the lack of dex might be a slightly sticky point. I like that you have more than one page to cover each different topic separately because it gets on my nerves /SO much/ when people don't. The different colours do stop it from getting too repetitive, which I'm thankful for after a long day of school. ;3

However, there are some other things about it. First, you described it as the 'perfect' build. I really dispute that. Maybe it works perfectly for you, but other people have different views, and who knows? They might not think it's perfect at all. Similarly, don't knock other builds just on principle. Don't 'bleh' at the int build just because it's an int build. Avoiding bias wherever possible is much more professional.

Secondly, it's definitely not a horrible layout, but there are points where my eyes start to blur. The stat guides are very helpful, but perhaps you could add a little more text, and discuss things a little more? Similarly, pictures and videos will add a lot of interest. Little things make big differences. All the same, keeping colours and fonts to a 'house style' will stop it from getting too confusingly messy visual impact-wise.

Perhaps you could extend a little more on your skills parts? Please don't just say 'max this and maybe this and the rest aren't bothered.' :C Actually go through the skills, maybe? Videos or pictures of how they work and their skill icons would be helpful.

about Armors I dunno >.<
I will Run some Researchs XD
This I am sorry about though. While your knowledge of the build is good, unless you have a complete and thorough understanding of the little things, people might misinterpret or be left with questions you're unable to answer. :C

But it has lots of potential. ^^ I'd love to see an edited version; this seems like a great build to try out.

If you'd like someone to proofread and correct your grammar and suchlike, I'll do it if you want. ^^;

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