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Default 08-22-2008, 11:23 PM
In my opinion i found the 12% block increase from cats to be quite useless until somewhere past fishies - stuff starts hurting. With decent stam and elementing your suit, you shouldn't take much more than minimum damage on your grind to being a bp. In all honestly i didn't find block rate reliable until getting a high end +'d set. I mean just tank it unless you can get the "predictable" block - you're not a ranger, or jester i suppose...k...and blades.

After the new skill system was introduced, there was this one skill i wanted. Prevention, and it's basically legit hacks. Saves you money, very little need to worry about deaths and helps much more than the 20 strength you get. Plus prev.'s a self buff - if you have a fs with you - they can worry about max heap (always), haste, beef, cats, cannon; YOU COULD even dump points into QS for faster gather and max mental for the lols....right you can even stun with burst, 12% stun rate max? it's pretty decent.

Dunno about piercing serpent - i thought it was long established as a failure. A CONE SHAPED FAILURE.
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