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Default Guildwars2 (+Heart of Thorns) - 09-30-2016, 08:19 PM
Not really holding my breath for quick replies, but how many (if any) of you have played Guildwars2? The base game itself can be played free with minor account limitations (IE: Only being able to PM a limited number of times, Can't send/recieve mail from other players, ex), and the expansion is only about $50 (Buying the expansion removes all account limits).

Do you like it? What class do you main? What kind of build do you use?

I've been playing since beta, I was in the three day head start when the game launched. Started with a guardian but lately I've been swapping back and forth across my Ranger, Elementalist, and Revenant.

The game just has so many quality of life perks, Leveling is quick and interesting, and its very easy to switch from one character to another because the account wide currency/banking makes it so you'll never feel like you've lost your progress.

It's a good game... if anyone from the good ol' flyff glory-days comes back and wonders where I am, it's likely in GW2.
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