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Well that depends, are your standards the same throughout the world?

E.g Kids being born in Africa are going to have a lot less to work with then those born in Europe or America.

I would treat this topic as if your asking the question to a civilized country.

This is a difficult topic because how do we force people to not have kids? Sure its fine to put in laws to say that you need to be making X amount of money and must be have stable living conditions to have children. Are you though proposing that we make it so that you have to submit a petition to be able to have a child? In which point we have to have our babies essentially sterilized at birth, otherwise accidents will happen.

Or are we going force people to use contraception? And if so will we fine people who have babies illegally?

How about in the United States, most people who would be able to afford babies are white, African Americans might have a problem with what they may conceive as racial profiling and the white man attempting to get rid of there race.

I think there are too many unknowns to think about here. It also gives the government too much power.

The only thing I submit as an answer for your topic is that in the event when overpopulation starts becoming a concern, that measures such as limiting who can have babies by making sure they can provide for them would obviously be a requirement.

However at this point in time I would say I would be for having measures to make sure people have enough money to support there children.

Though at the same time, the measures needed to make those laws work would be too much for me support, and I would come out against it until we had progressed far enough technologically to come out with better solutions.

My solution would be to support the education of the use of contraception's, easier access to those items, and education on how much money it takes to support a child.

Unfortunately we were on a good path until Bush took over and all but banned the talk on contraceptives. For some odd reason people stupidly think if we don't talk about sex kids wont have it.
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