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Hmm, since im playing on aibat, not lawolf, i can't really agree or disagree with you. I have, though, some points to make. First of all, there seem to be no quest hunters on aibat - at all. As you allready said, (and i believe i also did) there are rarely people selling higher lvl quest items, and if they are selling them, their not gonna be underpriced, totaly disabling the questies for merchanting. Second, even in your theory, you'd need an pretty huge pile of penya to set of and control the market. My aim is not to control the market, but to follow it, making sure i've got piles to prevent priceraises. (which i don't want, as they are making questies more interessting to hunt. A good price is a stable price) You could say that's controlling the market, i see it as regulating it. As i state above, it is really usefull to have a list of everyone that buys your QI, and i do so myself. From that list, and checking the shops, i can conclude that every single one of them sells way to expensive. I aim to be a rarer type, selling cheaper then they do.

Hoping i've made my point...
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