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Default 06-28-2010, 11:42 PM
Political correctness has become outrageous. We can't possibly make everyone happy, which is what political correctness is attempting to do. When people jump down someones throat for describing someone as "black" instead of saying "African-American" it's infuriating. Just because they called them "black" in no way means they are racists, as most of those "politically correct" minded people would have you believe. They are just describing someone. Is every "African-American" going to describe white people as "Caucasian" now? Doubt it. I can understand using political correctness at certain times or for tricky situations in which using the wrong words can have drastic impacts on whole states or countries, but to make the everyday lay person use it all the time is just absurd.
Read it. Little Red Riding Hood rewritten for political correctness. It's pretty shitty. Not that the story was great to begin with.
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