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Originally Posted by penfold View Post
how do u aoe 10mobs above you if your full int!
im full int at lvl 63 and i have 1.5k hp!
do u just have amazing equipments and accesories or is it because you do soo much damage they hardly touch you?
im hoping to get a lot of money at lvl 65 and i need a gwand really, any1 know where to farm to get them? what lvl mobs ect... or should i just kill nutty wheel,driller,elder guard giants to get normal drops for money?

thanks in advanced
Well I do have quite good EQ (Not the best) at level 60 I had 4.5K HP buffed with around 1k def rate buffed (I always had an outside RM with mastered buffies) so I did manage quite nicely
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