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Originally Posted by Eluia View Post
There is a way for full int psy to lvl 65-90 faster than any crucio based psy...
Get a high level tanker to gather for you, you do full maps aoe and get pretty sweet xp with great killing speed
Not really wish it was faster but getting like 1-3% (taking around 1min to kill) a kill is alot faster than around 0.1% a kill (Taking around 15 secs), but as a master I did 60-91 in around 3 weeks pretty fast in my books

Originally Posted by Link2407 View Post
Ok, well currently i have a lvl 58 full int satan psy to be. I'm currently using a teba set +3 (with a pretty crappy awakening -1 str, - 100 MP - 2% speed) and a Stick of Vel Parpone +3.

can someone tell me the BEST equips I should start using as I lvl? money shouldn't be too much of a problem.
Well the teba and G Wand is better for a Full Int psy as you cast reduction and HP rate helps alot, also the cast reduction from the teba and G Wand is 20% so it is pretty sweet.

Also if you can make it +8 and put an attack pierce on your set to increase your damage ouput.

Originally Posted by Shamaru View Post
ok i'm a lvl 66 psy now and i have 50 sta rest int. i'm satan psy but i can aoe also. what should i do to lvl? aoe or satan.
A high int AoE build is one of my favourite builds so AoE, I find it easier to level with this type of build
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