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I leveled a blade to 130 on the beta, and did the job change.
Blades get a new cool skill. It costs 500 MP to cast, has a success rate of 20% and roots people for 5 sec.
I think that taking LSD is allowed during workhours in Korea.
I'm not trying to look like a hurricane victim or pretend that blades aren't decent enough already, but the slayer skills are completely fucking useless and possibly the worst out of all the classes. If they stay as is they might as well not implement them at all. If blades couldn't get something useful like a block debuff or asal then that's alright I suppose. I think everyone is used to gala failing. At least they made some sort of replacement for the aoe/1vs1 skills and some decent atk selfbuff. But gala managed to fuck even that up and decided to make it mainhand sword required and completely rendered all the skills useless for 99% of blades.

I won't even get into the root skill

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