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Thanks for replying.
I think that Ill reach the 81 Dex speed break at 61 Dex instead of leaving it at 50 or 60, or maybe 50 Dex should be enough :l...

Currently Im a Lv23 Assist
Str 44
Sta 15
Dex 30
Int 15

Should I add some Sta? ~

Maxed Heap, soon Haste and later on Stonehand and maybe CB instead of Beef Up since I wont stop adding Str.
only add STA when you feel like you are being hit to hard and/or die too often i personally was good with 15 STA because of crit knockback and stunlock, BUT i do have +19 STA on my talin suit so that helps. STA does help

but if ucan get your hands on sta + parts of your set then go for it if you'd like
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