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I don't want to burst your bubble or anything, but most (if not all) low leveled quest items are worthless since it's so easy to level.

If you want to resell QI you really should looking at Lv80+. These sell for 200~300k each, whereas some tomas or w/e may only be 100k max, and even then, most people won't have enough money to buy them, while more experienced players people are already easily achieving that 20% exp with their contri + RM + leech etc etc.

Also, there's the problem of finding someone to buy them from. Most people won't have a CS pet; those that do may only collect enough for themselves before moving on. In Lawolf, there are only a few dedicated quest hunters who collect stacks and stacks of quest items. They can set the high prices, as they are the only ones with enough stock, and they can (if need be) easily buy out anyone else selling for much cheaper. If you really want to make money off quest items, I guess you could look towards actually collecting the questies yourself, instead of trying to buy overpriced, and selling even higher. Say you buy quest item X for 300k each, then resell for 400k each. Before people even look at your shop they will look to the regular quest hunters, who have already restocked and is selling quest item X for 300k again. Do you really have the time and money to invest in this kind of market which you cannot even control? (It is much harder to get stacks and stacks of suns, right?)

Even if you do have huge amounts, it will take forever for your stock to move (People only need 40~60 of these at a time), and when it does, you may only end up with minimal profits.
wow your kinda an ass hole for that... personally most of the questies he listed are true. Except for the steam tears one... I made 45m after that :P but most of it is pretty darn accurate but the mong tears and sylica things could be a /+ btw(that was to the person who made this guide, the mong tears thing...) anyways, I have followed through merchanting and found myself makeing 500m. I dont care if thats not a lot to you but this is a pretty good idea and lets see you make a better guide, btw.
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