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Super Saiyan
Default 03-05-2010, 09:42 AM
Pretty much yes. I know you crash when you press P, but if you already have the party open you won't crash because the window is already open, just do not log out or close it and re-open, because that would be a good way to crash. To leave the siege arena just run around the side of it, ever noticed the blue portals near the tree stumps? Those will take you outside.

Once outside you do have to do the steps again yes, but its not hard, just get somebody to invite you to the party, keep the invite on the screen, enter siege, accept and have them pass you lead again. Once you know what you're doing that can take just a few seconds, but remember if you're outside of siege arena when it is your turn to go into siege it will just skip you and you will lose a life, so it is very risky.
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