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Default Elementor build calculator. - 01-18-2010, 06:21 AM
I posted this in the Elementor thread but I felt it warranted its own thread, so I'm posting it here. This is for figuring out builds for an Elementor, and will tell you your HP and damage with spells with any set of gear and CS you have. This calculator requires you to have Microsoft Excel to run it, and macros enabled.

Click here to download. If you ever can't find this topic the link will be in my signature.

To start you gotta tell it what level you are. The top left box you'll put in whether you're a normal char or master, and under that your level. If you're hero, put in 121. When you put your level in it will tell you how many stat points you have available for allocation at that level. Put in your base sta and base int under that, and if your remaining stat points goes negative, you have too many applied in sta or int. Under that you will see your naked HP, your HP with all buffs and equips, and HP with eel. It'll be lower than it should be until you get to the stuff below.

Below is where you put in everything that adds stats. I've split them up so you can easily figure small changes to your equips without having to do a bunch of math to find out how much extra stats you should have, though if I missed anything I put in an Other section, cause there's a lot of damn shit I'm sure I didn't account for.

In the middle you can pick which spell you want to check the damage of. It will tell you which element the skill is, under that your total int and sta, and how much your staff and int contribute to your damage. Right below you can pick your staff and your refine. 0U - 10U signify ultimate. Below that you'll see your base damage (no multipliers), your total damage (with multipliers), and your PVP damage.

On the far right is where it gets real fun. At the top left is Magic Defense. Beyond CW, I don't know of any mob that actually has MDef, and even for him I'm not 100% sure I have it calculated properly. Once again, there for completeness, leave it 0. +attack and +additional damage are very similar but work differently. Demols and SF/GT add +damage and awakens add +attack. Add them properly before putting them in. +attack doesn't get multiplied by some of the multipliers, so it's important if you want an accurate result to tally them up right.

The rest of the stuff is fairly self explanatory. For each box just pick what is appropriate. For Link attack, it'll only add to the damage if it's selected Yes, regardless how many linkers you have set. For the 3 mage spells that add extra damage to another element, I'm 90% sure I've gotten them right, however for the more obscure combos (rock spell with lightning buff on a wind mob) I didn't bother testing much because wtf why would you do that, however the intelligent combos all work. Monster level is for when you are leveling and you want to figure how much damage you'll do on something higher than you. If you're not worried about that and just want to see the max damage you'll do, leave it 0 or some value below your level.

If there is anything I've missed, or any inaccuracies, please let me know and I'll do my best to get it solved as quickly as I can. If anybody has any suggestions for things to add or change, also let me know and I'll take a look.

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