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Originally Posted by Dr. Polaris View Post
if i go wtih 125 stam, rest int to aoe, what equips, like how highly upgraded, should i have? any what jewelery? and will i have to dish out lots of money?
With that much stam you shouldn't need to splash out too much.

Just make sure you got a nice def suit, and you will do fine

Originally Posted by Serph View Post
Right so i'm thinking of creating an AoE psy with a moderate sta build, around 120 or so, i have a decent amount of funding so that is in no way a problem and was wondering what level is the best transition for someone to go from wherever to azria, straight when i get the AoE or after mines perhaps? I'll have a permanent fs assist for whatever buffs are appropriate so that won't be a problem either.
Go to Azria as soon as you can, the mobs in Azria> Normal mobs. Alot better for AoEing so you should level fast and make lots of money.
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