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I'd quite like to see that. Can you PM it, or was it a rant over teamspeak/vent?
8 years later, here's your request. Some names have been edited.

I love orange juice.

There's something about it that rejuvenates you in the morning. It's damn near flawless in every aspect, except that acid-in-the-stomach thing. If you don't like orange juice, fuck you. I hope you get scurvy.

You're probably wondering why I'm talking about orange juice. I don't know, except that it seemed relevant to the topic.

Orange juice is orange (the color).

The bright color often intimidates newcomers, but once they've had a taste of that tangy juice, they're converted to orange juice-anism until the day they die. A FlyFF guild at its core is like orange juice.

At first, you're like, "What the fuck is this bright orange shit?"

Then after sniffing and touching the glass of juice, you slowly take a sip. It may be sour at first, but suddenly sunshine irradiates from within you and you've met Jesus in a glass. That's how it was for me when I first joined Illuminati.

However, rarely is a guild seen so clearly for what it is. I'm fortunate because I'm smarter than you (LOLOLOLOLOLOL). I saw the glass of juice right away. But for most people, all they see is an orange fruit. And instead of realizing the great juice inside, they discard the orange because they're too damn lazy to peel the skin and squeeze the juice out.

That's ridiculous.

To taste the joy of a guild, you have to put some effort in. You can't expect everything to be dandy on its own. And to carry on with my metaphor, if the guild is like an orange (orange juice for those of us who have attained nirvana), the GM, "P", is like the Mexican who picks the oranges from the ranch. You can't be lazy and just pick any dirty orange. The GM has to work the hardest out of everyone in the guild. You need to get down on your knees, water the soil and nurture the orange tree/bush/plant/whatever-the-fuck-oranges-grow-on. By the way, I hope no one in the guild is Mexican.

And since I love my analogy, I'll explain it in orange terms. Instead of picking the best-looking orange, you, "P", are getting some nasty crusty orange, and painting it over with the color orange. It looks great, until you drink the juice and realize it tastes so bad that you want to eat shit to neutralize the taste.

To be honest, a lot of the things you say, "P", is nothing but talk. Pompous eloquent speeches followed by nothing.

Example: Guild Wars
If most of the guild (pretty much everyone except you) wants a GW, you should get a GW going. You're the spokesperson for the guild, not the monarch. You defend yourself by saying that people get pissed at you if you issue guild war challenges. Well, it's great to know that you the value the opinion of non-guild members more than your own members.

I hate referring back to the times when I was guild leader, but we did manage to get 43 guild wars when I was leader. And honestly, it didn't take much effort. Nor did I really have the GW's for myself because I rarely participated in them except the big ones (three or four times). Most of them were a few members flying around town looking to kick some ass while I was training or just chilling with friends. But since I knew knucklecrasher, Fuse, etc., liked these short rampages, I issued GW challenges to everyone even if it made people hate me. I didn't give a fuck as to what people thought about me or my guild as long as I had the respect of my guild members. I'm not saying you have to be an irritating asshole like me, but if you honestly tried, I'm pretty sure we would have more than one lousy GW, which only you participated in.

I don't mind a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere in the guild. I don't care if you're not gung-ho about guild leader since I did somewhat dump that position on you. But cut the melodrama, rhetorics and just be honest instead of making countless promises, proposals, and plans that always fall apart. Because oup and I are tired of picking up the pieces and trying to come up with some last-second plan all the time. I gave up leadership because I just wanted to kick back, be a good civilian, and sip on my orange juice.

CW should not take that long. There were a lot less people in the guild when I was the leader, but I made up parties on the spot without any problems. If you're the type that needs to plan ahead of time, then make several plans, instead of making one design and assuming everyone will show up.

Anyway, a lot of people are high-strung, emo and what not.

Chill out, drink orange juice and prosper.
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