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Default Question for all of us to ponder, discuss and argue in a civil manner.... - 07-20-2011, 09:15 AM
Should those who cannot afford to have children (by any means natural or otherwise) be allowed to have them?

By "afford", I do not mean just in terms of finances ... time, money, effort, mental capacity, the whole lot.

For the sake of this thread, let's go with "the child must not be left wanting" as a minimum standard, so the child must have enough to eat (not to the point of gorging), access to education (that would be enough for him/her to become a contributing member of (the local) society and opportunities to improve him or herself (again, in terms of the local society).

I ask this because, yet again, I am being "bombarded" by images of children in great suffering ... children who did not ask to be born. Images of 5+ children to each parent, who are themselves little more than children themselves (the mothers, anyway). It would be easy to argue that it is a basic human right (or a variation of one) that we (or maybe, just me) are talking about here; I suppose that right supercedes the right of the child to food, shelter, education, etc, so yeah, go and procreate and let the future take care of the offspring.

And I'm not talking about children born during times of plenty and then plunged into a period of suffering ... I mean those who were born when times were already unpredictable, to parents who can barely survive on their own.
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