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DexBoy 09-27-2008 04:30 AM

you didnt even say to max prevention when thats a key skill for aoe.. o.o

AoEOfArrows 09-27-2008 08:11 AM


Originally Posted by DexBoy (Post 1601668)
you didnt even say to max prevention when thats a key skill for aoe.. o.o

Well, considering all AoE BPs are RM-dependent, if you`re not going to Azria/desert (and maybe Mines in the bad case), Prevention won`t be needed THAT much. Though later it really gets important (and your prev-line gets higher too -_-).

And by the way, about your pros/cons page; When you write a guide, you don`t need to advertise your class, you just need to explain what is it, why it`s good and why it`s bad.
INT BPs get their AoE skill at 28 too. They just make lower damage output with it and switch it at 70.
You also forgot to say that STR BPs cast their skill slower, which means INT AoE BPs level faster. The only reason to go STR AoE BP is if you want an AoE BP but you also want to giant/you can`t afford the restat for whenever you`ll go to PvP or whatever you`d like.

FiliaChan 09-27-2008 02:59 PM


Originally Posted by AoEOfArrows (Post 1601919)
Well, considering all AoE BPs are RM-dependent, if you`re not going to Azria/desert (and maybe Mines in the bad case), Prevention won`t be needed THAT much. Though later it really gets important (and your prev-line gets higher too -_-).

Also, I'm looking forward for some sort of update on this guide. A lot of feedback has been given and acknowledged, yet no action seems to have been taken. People are already repeating a lot of the stuff already pointed out. Is this guide dead? :x

Socialent 09-27-2008 07:35 PM

I have to agree with a few of the previous comments. Some of your colors are hard to read, and they also lack unity and formating. I'm a visual person, so I guess that's a bias, but I think this guide would be a bit smoother if you took some time to actually look at how the colors and text appear to your readers.

Also, I've read all the other AoE Assist/BP/RM guides I could find and all of them say to cap STA at 60 or 80, then go full STR. I don't know the rules for guides, but I you can always look at other builds and explain why you think that the full STR is an advantage (it always depends on the player, so using all caps to say that STR AoE is the best isn't really your decision).

Might wanna look for typos and grammar - if your guide is easy to understand and read, you'll get more positive feedback, more readership and you'll most likely get a few people eager to be your friend.

Also, I agree that saying that full INT builds can go FS and "Bleh So What?" isn't something you should be saying in a guide - particularly when there are a few other, better guides that explain exactly why an INT build can succeed. Do your research - there are going to be some players who will take your advice and then which they never looked at your work.

Also, and I'll warn you now - I am a grammar b*tch, please don't use capitals where they don't belong. It doesn't put an emphasis on your words, it only makes them look childish. Trust me, I know.

Finally, be a bit more courteous to your critics - sure, some might be pretty mean, but they took the time to even glance and your guide. Say "Thanks" and take their advice, or if you don't want to, say "Thanks for your input, I'll see if I can work it in somewhere." - that way, won't offend people and your guide will look a lot more professional and trustworthy.

Now, if there are still people reading at this point, don't forget to read the other guides. An AoE Assist is pretty fun - I played around with it on my main and then I decided to get an alt which was a pure AoE build. So, doing research isn't just for people who want to write guides, it's for the people who want to do what the guide is telling them.

Thanks and good luck.

Tor 09-30-2008 07:52 AM

You got most of the basics and overall it's a guide. So i'm approving this and moving it to the flyff guides 2.0

theanamer 10-02-2008 05:04 PM

cat reflexe b4 beef up? O__O i guess beef up b4 cat reflexe would be better. besides, better aoe damage.


First :
Heap UP
Then :
Burst Crack
Then :
Cats Reflexes
Then :
Beef up
Then :
Stone hand
Then :
Cannon ball

Heap Up
Burst Crack
Beef Up
Cat Reflexe
Stonehand(level 19)
Prevention(who cares about max, level 18 is good)
Cannon Ball
Patient always go last:ridicule:
Why prevention? Well duh, what if your healer is too slow and your food is cooling down and you're at low hp? It can save your life.
Why quickstep? Faster gathering... faster running... also faster exp rate since you run faster. why patient? no reason actually:ridicule: just patient last for the hp bonus:yummy:

You will only need to MAX asmodeus
You can GET ASAL if you want but not that recommended
After MAxing Asmodeus Work on your Assist Skills More
asmodeus+piercing serpent(who cares if getting mob in the front is slow. and burst crack is not that good for aoeing at level 70+)+asal(u said not recommended, but what will all that extra skill point go into?)

bajanboss 02-16-2009 09:42 AM

Guide abandoned??? its 2009 and it still looks same....

LaLa115 02-16-2009 12:50 PM

Havnt really read the guide just a few of the comments...but dont pay attention to the haters hunny

STR BPs own int aoes not only in pvp but in people need to stop basing their opinions on v7 builds and stop leaching long enough to realize the old rules DONT APPLY ANYMORE.

Ive always been an str aoe...I have 2 actually and an aoe assist.

A few things that arent normally added to bp guides that should be (because most ppl get fail builds and etc from not knowing until its too late)

1. DEFENSE cards are what you need in a suit until your 105 set. HP is for pvp not for an aoe bp. You have no need for alot of hp with a defense suit and you also have no need for more than level 2 prevention....and in all honesty its really just a safety button a smart aoe will know how many they can tank to have no need for prevention at all. (Mine has been tripped a total of 3 times in 2 years...twice when I tested an hp suit and once with lag)

2. With the newer awakening systems burst crack by FAR trumps piercing serpent and 95% of the time it trumps bgvur tiabold as well.

3. Until 100 you dont need more than 100 stamina buffed AND equipped with an RM healing u. Many people read builds written by higher level players and add 110 stamina unbuffed and that only results in horrible damage/slow killing/boredom. I personally still have 70 base stamina and I use demols and vigor rings.

4. In the past its always been a recommendation to buy sets that are already upgraded to save penya~~I think that that should be forgotten. Helmets awaken with stats and stats help you level faster and easier. Always awaken helmets until you get something nice. 99% of the time you will be saving yourself a fortune in reversions later on. Dont awaken the rest of your set if you cant afford to keep buying +0 pieces to try for something else. Dont expect to get a perfect awakening either...such as if you get +4%crit on a gaunt dont waste 100m trying to make one better when you have a positive...its a positive be happy.

5. Dont party hop. If a party isnt full for 5 minutes because of the leader aoeing and/or there being a lack of quick replies for fillers~~dont make it even more annoying by leaving the party to try to find one that will be full 100% of the time...people are busy some things take time.

6. GIANT. An INT aoe cant giant but an str aoe can giant for months if they so choose to do so. The 75 and 105 sets can be extremely expensive so dont be in such a rush to level that you pass by on the chance to make yourself a few perins~~you will definitely need it in the log run.

Um...ok Im rambling so Ill shush now or Ill end up writing a whole guide myself lol

pnbob10 02-22-2009 08:58 PM

Thanks i kinda find this usefull

and i was wondering why do people say after lvl 60 it is hard to lvl up?

bajanboss 02-23-2009 03:49 AM


Originally Posted by pnbob10 (Post 1784209)
Thanks i kinda find this usefull

and i was wondering why do people say after lvl 60 it is hard to lvl up?

I think mainly because after 60 you don't get the o.5%+ per kill like you used to in the earlier levels..its more like 0.05- 0.1% so it calls for more of a effort and more tiime spent killing in order to level up. That's why i think they say its hard to level up,not that its impossible.

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