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Elementalkitten 06-12-2009 01:43 PM

Got Penya? No? Look here!
Are you lacking Penya? Maybe you need your next weapon, maybe you need to upgrade your set, maybe you need your Flury set? This guide is perfect for those of you who need expensive sets, or who don't earn much (such as FS Assists). Maybe you do have enough penya for what you want, but will you later? Some of these hints do require that you spend some, but you'll get more back later! Please, enjoy!

<I am back now, but I haven't gotten a chance to check out Darken yet. I got a hold of a Coral Island Ticket, and I'm working on Grinding rather than making penya at the moment. As soon as my ticket expires/I get to level 60 (whatever comes first) I'll get right back to work on prices!>

You're leveling with your Vagrant, you're going to be a Mercenary, and you just got all of your Twinkle Stones. You are still the right level to get experience from Mushpangs, so you head there and start killing. And what do you know, one drops a Forform! What do you do with it?
A. Leave it
B. Give it to some nice little Newbie
C. Turn it into Pet Food
D. NPC it
E. None of the Above

The correct answer to that question is: E. None of the Above. Leaving it's a bad idea, that's a little wasteful. Giving it away isn't a good idea either, you won't get any penya that way, and a newbie should learn to be self-reliant instead of begging. Turning it into Pet Food will get you money, but not as much as you'd hope. NPCing it will get you about what, 90 penya-ish? None of the Above! You really want to set up shop and sell it!

How do you set up a shop? Go into the menu (i don't know what it's called), and click on private shop. I am unable to tell you how much you should sell them for, I don't know the prices for all servers, if anyone knows, let me know! Anyway, just put those in your shop, and sell them! Put a nice informative shop name, something like: Forforms, "___" penya! And hope for the best! If you don't get any business in whatever server you're in, switch to a more populated server. If you are in the most populated server...well, nothing much I can do for you then!

Be sure that you get the Yorrn Task at the food store! Get it before level 15, but you can complete it any time you want! It looks like a little rolled up scroll, and it's right near the Grown-Up Lawolfs, just look out for the Giant!

At level 15, before doing you Job Advancement, head to Saint Morning. If you used the Blinkwing (which I'm almost completely positive that you did), you'll see JeongHwa somewhere nearby. Her quest is easy, just talk to someone, and you'll get lot of penya! Save this quest for later though, as it's near level 25 and 26 enemies!

This is for those of you who already have money, but want more, and also have some free time.

Find someone who is selling Pet Eggs, buy one or two. In Demian, this comes to about 400-600 thousand penya for 2, and 200-300 penya for 1, not sure about other servers though. This, in itself is pretty expensive for a new player, the quicker method is even more expensive, but the better, and probably more profitable way, is through the long method.

The quickest method is to buy pet food for the cheapest price you can get. This may not lead to much income in the long run though, especially if the pet you get isn't worth very much...This method is only recommended if you get Feed for a very cheap price. Simply sell the pet when it hatches, or invest in more Feed to level up your pet too!

The most expensive way is the simplest really. Follow the steps above^ to hatch your egg. Then, just get the Cash Shop Feed Bag, and get lots and lots of feed. Now, just leave your character AFK for a while, and: TA-DAH! Instead leveling for your pet!

Now, the least expensive, but the longest method, is the one that I'd say will give you the most profit. Buy an egg, or if you're even luckier, find one from a monster. Now, go train for a while. When your inventory starts to get full, or you level, head back to town. If you don't need all of your items for quests, turn all the remaining items into Feed, and level up that egg! If you don't need any of those items, turn half into Pet Feed, the other half could be sold, or turned into Pet Feed, just depends if you want extra money. If you need them all, ignore the egg for now. When your egg finally hatches, you have a few choices. You could sell it now, for instant millions, or you could raise it for a while, and get more millions later...A lot later...

There's a special event going on! Monsters are dropping special items, or you get something every time you log on, or stay on for a while! You can easily earn money from these events if you know the demand for the items! Though these are very profitable, if you don't know your servers peak times, and demand for these items, it won't work very well!

Stay On For A While Items
For example, currently, June 2009, there is an event where when you play for an hour, you get a Fun Card, which raises your attack power. If you are lucky enough to be a part of this type of event, there are a few ways to take advantage of this!

The first way is to figure out when the peak time of day for your server is. An hour or two later, open your shop, and sell these items. If the item is a good, usable item like Fun Cards, the players on at peak times may have already used them, and may want more.

The second way is to wait until the event is over, wait a couple weeks after it's end, and then sell them, most people won't have any left, and they'll be pretty rare!

For those that you get when you log on, or make a new character, you'll also need to know the how long the event goes for. Wait as long as you with them, and sell them when they're in high demand! If the event was giving out Free Azria Tickets, for example, wait a few months until the event is over, and people start buying them again, and sell, sell, sell!

For those that you get from monsters, and then trade them in for something else, a different strategy is needed. This is probably the best money-maker in this section though! These are usually pretty common drops from monsters, but people need a lot of them to make use of them. There is a very easy way to sell them! Just sell! Higher leveled people who can buy them more often will hopefully come and buy them, and maybe even ask you if you have more! The only items that I'm aware of that this won't work with are Event Sunstones, and Event Moonstones, you can't sell those...

This is where all the other money making ways that I am not going to go into, or that I just need more research on. If you have more tips, I may add them here! Here they are:

Selling Green Items-A GREAT Way to earn penya, due to some items being in high demand (Flury/Wedge, Misty/Teba)

Grinding-Grinding always earns penya!

Selling Un-Needed Items-Always a nice source of income

Gianting-Haven't done much of this, myself, but apparently gets a good amount, don't know much about it though...

Plug Hunting-Haven't done much of this either, but my new magician, Elemenchu, will be doing some, will post results at some point...

Cash Shop/GPotato-I know some people sell this stuff, but I woudln't that's real money just being sold! I also wouldn't sell my CS Kitty...NEVER!!!

(Can't think of any others, will update when I do!)

This will be the part that I will update the most! This is the current FlyFF events that will get you more penya!

June, 2009
The event that gives you Fun Cards each day when you play for an hour, is good, not yet, but it will be!
Pumpkins being dropped are great! In Demian, they can be sold for 50,000 each, and I usually sell more than 80 at once!

July, 2009
An Alchemy Event that I don't know much about yet due to computor problems (I'll be starting again VERY soon, like, within a day kind of soon) I THINK this even involves finding certain items and than delivering them to a Dwarpet Alechemist for special weapons? I know that this is/was on a sign up, first come first serve, basis.

I need the other server's prices, pretty please! I'll look through the official forums for them too, and I'll try to keep them updated.

Eggs:200-300k per Egg
Pet Feed: 50-60 per bag

Eggs: about 80k per egg
Pet Feed: about 60 penya per bag (?)

Merr Suit: 400-600K per suit [sold in SM]
Flury/Wedge Suit: about 15M
Flurry/Wedge other parts: about 2M

Eggs: 90-100K per egg
Egg at 99.99%: around 5M per egg

(These prices may change with certain events)

The day I began my character, Elemenchu, was in the middle of the Rock Paper Scissors event in June, 2009, and within just one day of using these methods (mainly the Event ones), I have managed to make over 7,000,000 penya! These methods DO work!

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
Post comments! If it's accurate and good to add in, I'll add it with an acknowledgment (not sure if that's spelled right...) here.

Bo375, fabricek, Fluffy82s, Krytta, mariposa, Arwindy

If you have questions about the guide, post here, or pm Elemenchu in game.

Hope you enjoyed my guide!!! :lol:

Bo375 07-07-2009 01:06 PM

Lawolf Server is also 200-300k

fabricek 07-07-2009 06:37 PM

i easily buy eggs at 80K in lawolf, Pfeed costs around 60

Elementalkitten 07-08-2009 08:29 AM

Thanks for the prices! Any other prices for other servers? Also, my computor is having problems at the moment playing games, so I am unable to check on Demian's prices, or what's happening with events, so I can't add many new things yet, until my computor gets fixed. :glare:

Fluffy82s 07-08-2009 08:39 AM

In Demain petfeed is around 50-60 per bag.

Krytta 07-12-2009 06:45 AM

nice guide ^-^
nice guide :lol: some of these methods work better then most people thing they do but you might wanna add something like if your grinding and you get a (example Merr Suit) you can sell it in saint morning pretty easy on CW (clockworks)server for about 400-600k low to mid lvl greens for sale are found usually found in saint morning so like a flury set all together it'll sell for about 3-5m on CW..low to mid lvl greens have good bonuses and alot of the sets are used till around lvl 60+ so if you get one you wont use might as well sell it :sneer:
anyway nice guide ^-^

PS: you might have noticed but i'm horrible at explaining things

mariposa916 07-14-2009 07:57 AM

Aibatt, eggs are around 90-100k. An egg at 99.99% is around 5m.
But when the Alchemist event going on, I could sell an egg for as high as 700k. O.o

Elementalkitten 07-14-2009 08:00 PM

Thanks for the prices! Keep 'em coming! I'll add some of Demians prices when I get back on, my computor is fixed, and I'll get on when I get the chance! My return will *hopefully* be tomorrow! (if the computor actually works) :sneer:

Arwindy 07-24-2009 07:20 PM

CW info
Well on Clockworks the Flury Suit only is currently around at 15m. other parts are around 2m. I see Wedge usually a bit higher, but i believe thats sexism :ridicule:. Jk, just wanted to see that corrected since you say its 5m the whole set (I wish).

I usually also make some money by buying B and 4% cards at Saint Morning & selling at Darken. Some ppl dont know these are worth alot and sell them cheap. I sometimes buy for 40k and sell for around 4m(4%s)/2m(Bs) :coy:. Just need to be on the lookout for newly opened shops.

Hope that helped, want to see this guide when its done ^^

XD0612 08-08-2009 10:13 PM

I think you should consider the amount of time where you keep your computer ON for vending, waiting for events, or browsing for buy/sell opportunities. Theres no point of having billions of PENYA if it will make your electricity bill go sky high. If you can afford to spare a few bucks then wouldn't that be better, faster, and less costly than staying OL for a long time?

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