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NinthRefresher 04-17-2012 10:54 AM

:ridicule: What's up everyone?
I posted a similar thread but, I don't know if I posted it at the right place so I'll just post it here instead.

Okay, so I'm looking for a Remingster set (I can buy parts too of course, it doesn't matter).
I don't care if it's clean or +10, pierced and everything, nope, not at all. :lol:

So you guys out there at Mocomochi server that has Remingster parts..
Mail or PM my character: Penyanao

:yummy: See you soon!


(And for those that don't know what Remingster is.. It's a lvl 105 RM (F) green. You have it? Mail me and we can discuss price, thanks.)

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