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Tor 02-08-2013 02:01 PM

What's the World Up to?

It's me, that one guy that shows up once a blue moon. Yesterday I checked back on the site, and ZOMG there were over 850,000 spam threads. I managed to move all the spam threads to a private forum for now. However deleting them will take me several months.

I'm not even sure what I want to do with this site and the others. I'm an old fogey and lost all my drive and motivation. I wish I was 18 again and willing to make this site and others better. It seems many of the members have left, and probably only a few check back. I'm sorry I failed everyone.

However I have at least one last battle left in me. So in the coming days I'm planning on upgrading the system so that it stops all this crazy spam. Spam bots are getting way too sophisticated for this old bulletin system. I have disabled registration for now in hopes of slowing them down. I really wish to preserve all these great posts and memories that have collected over the years. I made a lot of great friends that were willing to share their joy and sorrow with me through these forums. I want to thank everyone for that. That's why I'm willing to keep these forums up as long as possible, even if no one posts in them.

As for what comes up after the forum update, I'm not positive....

If anyone is out there, What have you been up to?

2/25/2013 - Installed some spam protection mods for vb and changed recaptcha to areyouhuman.
2/25/2013 - Deleted over 40k user accounts with zero posts.
3/01/2013 - All spam posts have been deleted.
3/02/2013 - Upgraded to the latest VB version.

jonno 02-08-2013 02:51 PM

Hallo thar stranger

Tor 02-08-2013 09:19 PM

Did not expect you to be the first to reply. :lol:

Hey there. Illuminati still alive?

LadySubaru 02-08-2013 09:51 PM

:O nice to see this place resurrected. I still play Flyff, member of Adrenaline. Before we de-merged, we were top contenders with Synaesthesia for TS, winning in Flaris or Darkon all the time.. Now that we de merge the game feels stale, but now i farm QI in my free time instead for quick cash.

Cant get into UserCP and pages here load really slow.

Tor 02-08-2013 09:56 PM

What's this flyff gold thingy I just saw.


Cant get into UserCP and pages here load really slow.
I was testing some stuff. Running NGINX for a little bit to see what happen. I think I messed up somewhere and caused the server to freeze.

riyi 02-09-2013 02:30 AM

The site, it's back online o-o FINALLY <3 my fave forum is alive once more :coy:

Sinner 02-09-2013 02:46 AM

Hi there Tor! We all kinda failed though, no one thought to check and clear the spam on xvindictus till it crashed this site and by then it was kinda too late.

SouljaBoyTellEm 02-09-2013 04:49 AM

OOOps double post

SouljaBoyTellEm 02-09-2013 04:49 AM

Hey it's Bladebabe here, I just want to say i appreciate this site for what it provided for me while I was active. Though we often argued and had difference of opinion, looking back it was entertaining and funny. lol just remembered when sinner kept stalking me in arena and 1 shotting me xD anyway i'm off to bed guys good night :coy:

Ps Bladebabe Be Big Boss

Ait 02-09-2013 04:58 AM


Originally Posted by Tor (Post 3372968)
Did not expect you to be the first to reply. :lol:

Hey there. Illuminati still alive?

Of course. We have other means of communication :coy:

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