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noobworldsyo 07-25-2010 09:06 AM

How to not get scammed by anyone
This guide will show you all the tips and advice on how to not get SCAMMED
By friends, scammers, Noobs, Look-A-Like Noobs and Beggers.

Im sorry if I offended anyone :cry:

When someone walks up to you and asks to be your friend at random
and you ask them "Why?" There are two things they will probobly say
"just cuz" or some other reason to convince you and days to weeks later they will say "Hey ________ Can u give my one new character _Mill?"
"and the most common awnser would be "Why?"
and this is a guarentee they will say "if you do... i will give you __Mill"

Someone who does not have much experience in the flyff world
Would say sure, but thats where the Scam begins!
I got some calculations That said "8% would pay them the amount they said and 92% would not pay them" So before all this happens Just think to yourself "are they really a friend?"

Now this is where the people who scam get really sneaky, It could be a common begger to someone who convinced your best friend to make you give them money. So the scammer Is just a begger Or it just links back to the First type of scammers.

When a begger comes up to you... well you can kind of guess what happens,
they beg you for money, But the thing is a begger is not sneaky,
They are more like A puppy begging you for food with all those sad faces,
but when you see a begger you have to stand firm because they will beg you until they break you down and you can't stand it anymore and you feel bad about not giving them money! So when a begger asks you for money say
"Hey, i earned this myself you can do the same!"

I have to really say thanks to you all on watching this guide im sorry it was so short! :ridicule:

arlzy 07-26-2010 01:33 AM


atobos281 07-26-2010 04:08 AM

nice guide to make ppl think that all ppl askin for money are scammers lol, but i liked it :)
And ive always thought about these beggars but cant they just tell ppl and ask politely why they need the money? simple as that. But if u lie and manage to get some cash, thats wen ur a cheap unwanted scammer

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